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Browns Deal Zeitler to Giants for Vernon

Hey kids, it's a major player-for-player trade. These are always fun and we don't get many of them. Cleveland is sending right guard Kevin Zeitler and pick 155 (fifth round) to the Giants for pass-rusher Olivier Vernon and pick 132 (fourth). The Browns made Zeitler the best-paid guard in the game a couple years ago but they'll now replace him with 2018 second-round pick Austin Corbett. It's a big upgrade for the Giants from Jamon Brown at right guard. Meanwhile, Vernon is scheduled to make $15.5 million this year; the deal leaves the Giants with $8 million in dead money but also saves them $11.5 million against the cap. Vernon had 29.5 hurries last year by SIS charting; no other Giants pass-rusher had more than 18.

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8 Re: Browns Deal Zeitler to Giants for Vernon

Mediocre would be very generous to Eli at this stage. The past three years he has logged 331, 117 and 188 DYAR, ranking comfortably in the bottom half of starting QBs each season. The chances of him improving on that at age 38 are slim indeed. Who knows what their scouts are saying about this year's crop of QBs, but it's quite clear they need an upgrade, ideally before Beckham and Barkley's primes are wasted away.