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Chargers Fire OC Ken Whisenhunt

You don't often see a coordinator fired the day after a road win, but the Chargers have underperformed dramatically all year. Expected to be one of the top teams in the league, they currently rank 16th in offensive DVOA including 30th running the ball. 

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5 comments, Last at 29 Oct 2019, 5:41pm

1 Hmmm...

I've never been a HUGE fan of KW, but going into this week we were 9th in passing DVOA, and 8th in Drive-Success-Rate. I know we needed to improve the ground game, but given how impotent rushing plays are (statistically), I don't think that's that huge of an issue. I'd rather have a fully healthy defense. Or if we're limiting it to offense, a healthy/more-talented OL & to swap Travis Benjamin out for a WR who's more than just a "threat".

2 Yeah the timing on this is…

Yeah the timing on this is bizarre. They're not going into a bye week or anything, and the offense has been decent.

3 Scapegoating? Seems to be…

Scapegoating? Seems to be the likely answer.

The chargers future outlook is pretty bleak. They have talent, but the organization has been a perpetual underachiever. The only thing that has kept them from being the Jets has been Philip Rivers. His end is coming soon and so will the upcoming pain.

5 Rivers is four years younger…

Rivers is four years younger than Brady, and like Brady but unlike Peyton, has only had major injuries to his knee (both rivers and brady tore an ACL in the 2000s), just sayin'.  Peyton's injury on the other hand was a nerve injury that directly and majorly affected his arm strength and passing (and was due to dirty Gregg Williams's bounty when he was coaching the redskins defense in 2006, the year Peyton came thru and finally won it all for the first time!)