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Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

It's St. Patrick's Day, so it's only appropriate that the Miami Dolphins have signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to a deal that will pay him a lot of green.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Fitzpatrick is signing a two-year deal for $11 million guaranteed, with incentives that could nearly double that money. With Ryan Tannehill traded away earlier in the week, Fitzpatrick is the clear QB1 in South Beach. Having previously started for the Rams, Bengals, Bills, Titans, Texans, Jets, and Buccaneers, Fitzpatrick will soon start for his third team in the AFC East alone. He turns 37 in November, so it's still entirely possible he will eventually take over for Tom Brady in New England and make it four-for-four.

Fitzpatrick is coming off the best year of his career, setting personal bests in DVOA (16.8%) and leading the NFL with 9.6 yards per attempts. We wrote about him quite a bit last season, looking at his journeyman history in Scramble for the Ball and his extreme boom-or-bust tendencies in Quick Reads.

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22 comments, Last at 22 Mar 2019, 12:35pm

3 Re: Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

I may one day end up getting a Fitzpatrick Jersey. He's had a really nice career despite the comedy of it all. Now all I need to have happen is McCown to remain on NFL roster this season and next for my epic prediction to come true.

4 Re: Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

I already said he seemed like the obvious choice, being the best QB still available. It will be interesting to see if he can play at anything close to the level he sustained last season. If he had been the starter all year he would likely have broken Peyton Manning's single season passing yardage record. Fitzpatrick's + Jameis' total was already just short of Manning's number, and Jameis was the significantly less prolific of the two. Fitzpatrick has had a strange career for sure.

5 Re: Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

I like this move. If you can't be good, at least be entertaining. With Fitzpatrick's gunslinging style, you never know if you're going to get "FitzMagic" or "FitzTragic" in any given game, but whichever one it is, it's never boring.

6 Re: Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

Well, this means we now know how the annual NE loss @MIA will go -- Fitzpatrick will go off for something like 500 yards and 5 TD. And then the next week against whoever he'll throw 180 yd with 4 picks, one of them a pick-six.

7 Re: Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

I was worried they'd tie up money for more than one season in an old stop-gap QB with no past, no future, and no present. THANK GOD I WAS WRONG. Is there a place behind last place?

13 Re: Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

Not sure what the Fins are doing here. If good Fitz shows up early do they go all-in for a playoff berth? And if it's bad Fitz from Day One and they lose the first few, do they go into the tank?
It doesn't seem like that team has the talent to even sniff .500 but Fitzmagic alone could win an extra couple of games and blow their draft position. Weird.

17 Re: Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick had a career year last season and the Bucs were still bad. Admittedly, the offense itself wasn't actually bad, but still, I think it's unlikely even good Fitzpatrick will be able to lead them to the playoffs. As for tanking, I think you still need a viable QB to evaluate the talent on your roster. The guys on their roster before Fitzpatrick had essentially no experience. Opting for a sub-replacement level player at the most important position in the game would be taking tanking too far.

18 Re: Dolphins Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fair point about talent evaluation. I don't follow the draft that closely but I've read that this QB class is 'meh.' So if the Dolphins are looking to fill the position that way, they're probably looking toward next year's class. Fitz Year Two would serve both as an example of both what to do and what not to do (often on consecutive plays) for the heir apparent. Or they could have enough good players on rookie contracts that they could afford an expensive free agent QB. Goodfitz and Badfitz balance out enough so that you get a plus journeyman over the course of a season.
Still, I can't imagine that anyone in the Dolphin's organization believe they'll be in the race. You shoot for the following year when Brady will be getting his AARP card. The Fins are going to want to be as bad as possible to set up the draft and have a shot at a top prospect.
I suppose they can always lose close games by subbing in 4th string DBs for 'talent evaluation.'