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Dolphins Trade Quinn to Cowboys

While the Dallas Cowboys are trying to work out a long-term deal with franchise player Demarcus Lawrence, they acquired another pass-rusher today, trading for defensive end Robert Quinn, formerly of the Miami Dolphins.

Quinn, who turns 29 in May, was traded to Miami last year by the Rams. In his one year in South Florida, he started all 16 games and collected 6.5 sacks. Quinn had 40.0 sacks from 2012 to 2014, but only 24.0 sacks in four seasons since.

The Cowboys gave Miami a 2020 sixth-round pick in the deal, then signed Quinn to a new contract that will likely be much cheaper than the $11.8 million he was scheduled to make on his old arrangement.

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3 Re: Dolphins Trade Quinn to Cowboys

I'm surprised the Dolphins managed to trade him, he was pretty invisible last year and was almost guaranteed to be cut, although the fact that they paid him a 1 million roster bonus seems to say otherwise.

4 Re: Dolphins Trade Quinn to Cowboys

Much is being made of Quinn's presence atop ESPN’s Pass Rush Win Rate list for 2018 edge rushers. Does anyone here know if there's a statistically significant reason why ESPN chose the 2.5-second cutoff point, or is that just a convenient round number they used?

5 Re: Dolphins Trade Quinn to Cowboys

tldr; probably a little bit of both.

I don't know of any hard numbers, but Footballoutsiders have previously published an article on "short sacks", where they define such as a sack in 2.4 seconds or less. Clearly, if a lineman can hold a block for 2.5 seconds, they are not giving up a short sack: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/under-pressure/2012/under-pressure-long-and-short-sacks

2.5 seconds is also pretty much exactly the average time the "fastest" quarterbacks in the NFL are at getting the ball out. The median time to throw was 2.68 seconds last season: https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/passing#average-time-to-throw

Overall, 2.5 seconds seems like a very reasonable cutoff: If a lineman can hold a block for that long, the rusher should have little to no effect on the average pass play.

7 Re: Dolphins Trade Quinn to Cowboys

Latest notable player-for-player trade: Browns send edge Emmanuel Ogbah to Chiefs for S Eric Murray.

Ogbah, a former 2016 32nd overall pick, was made redundant by Olivier Vernon. Murray was a 2016 4th rounder who filled in for Eric Berry and Hussain Abdullah.

Browns basically "restarting" at SS with Murray and with also releasing Derrick Kindred and of course trading J.Peppers in the OBJ trade. WR Ricardo Lewis also got cut as the odd one out with OBJ, and with Rashard "Hollywood " Higgins getting an extension.

It is largely accepted that Duke Johnson will also be traded; like Ogbah, he also was not at the minicamp.