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Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

The Miami Dolphins have traded quarterback to Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans for draft picks.

Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Titans will receive Tannehill and a sixth-round draft pick this year. The Dolphins will receive Tennessee's seventh-round pick this year and a fourth-round pick in 2020.

Tannehill has signed a new contract with Tennessee. Terms have yet to be released, but he was due more than $18 million in cash this season. He would need to take a pay cut to fit in as the backup to Marcus Mariota.

Luke Falk and Jake Rudock are the only quarterbacks currently under contract for this season for Miami.

UPDATE: Ian Rapoport has the terms of Tannehill's new deal:

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2 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

Wow. No one will every mistake Tannehill for a HOF QB, but he's at least a top 20 starter, probably comparable to the likes of Andy Dalton, Case Keenum, or Marcus Mariota (who he now backs up) and certainly better than starters like Eli Manning and Joe Flacco.

And the 'Phins just traded him away for a ham sandwich... with no viable replacement on the roster or available in FA. Are there expected to be franchise QB's available where the Dolphins pick in the draft?

The trade terms are essentially that the Titans get Tannehill AND an upgrade to this year's 7th round pick, all in exchange for NEXT YEAR'S 4th round pick.

If Tannehill was willing to take a pay cut to $7M AND be a backup on the Titans, couldn't the Dolphins just give him the pay cut and keep him as their tentative starter, so that they had options in the draft?

3 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

He has no incentive to renegotiate his contract with the Dolphins, since their only leverage was cutting him. If they had cut him, someone else could sign him for a song and Dolphins would be out the dead money anyway.

Which points to the other benefit the Dolphins get - ~$18M dollars.

4 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

No one will every mistake Tannehill for a HOF QB, but he's at least a top 20 starter


Year/DVOA Rank

I know Miami hasn't been the best scenario in those years, but I think you would be hard pressed to regard Tannehill as anything more than replacement-level at this point, and probably not even a top 20 starter. Even Manning and Flacco had better DVOAs last year. I think a backup job sounds right.

16 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

It's a pretty big stretch to call Tannehill "one of the top 32" QBs, and calling him "top-20" is flat-out wrong.

Just looking at 2018 numbers, Tannehill (-20.8% DVOA) was average as far as replacement-level players go. He was worse than some guys like Nick Mullen (+4.2%), Jeff Driskel (-16.2%), B. Osweiler (-17.7%) or Bortles (-18.9%). He was better than some others: Josh Johnson (-25.7%), Gabbert (-35.4%), Josh McCown (-36.5%).

For comparison, Case Keenum was significantly better at -12.7%. Keenum cost Washington exactly as much as Tannehill cost Tennessee.

18 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

Maybe we should call this the Dolphins effect? The Dolphins play in semi-obscurity, Tannehill, unlike Keenum, has never even played in a playoff game. The only time the Dolphins get on people's radar is every so often when they beat the Patriots. And then people think "Hm, Tannehill beat the Patriots. Maybe he's not half bad." Then they go back to forgetting about him.

21 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

I don't think Tannehill is nearly as good as Dalton or Mariota. Keenum is actually a pretty good comparison. Like Keenum, Tannehill has been around for a long time, has had plenty of chances to impress, and has only managed one good season (2014), which was almost certainly a fluke. At the same time, they have demonstrated a basic level of competence that puts them far ahead of guys like Gabbert. If I were an NFL head coach, I would be happy to have either of them as a backup, but not as a starter.

5 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

I like this move for the Titans. Its an immediate upgrade at backup QB - never a bad thing - and offers them a potential option should Mariota continue to struggle next year and they decide not to extend him. It's good when teams are proactive about their QB situation (looking at you, Giants).

For the Dolphins, I agree with the poster above. It's strange that they would not want Tannehill back at the reduced price given they have no other viable option in place. I don't follow the situation in Miami closely so maybe the Tannehill relationship there has simply run its course, regardless of cost?

9 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

Miami is just full on tanking at this point. Will they even sign anyone of starting caliber to challenge the mighty Luke Falk? Who is even out there now? Ryan Fitzpatrick seems like the best they could do. Or Bortles. Bring back Osweiler perhaps.

I'm not going to say Tannehill is top 20, but he'd have to be a top 30 QB and that means he should have been worth something a bit more. The other thing about Tannehill: He's never played anywhere else, and theoretically I always think former 1st round picks should be given a second chance in a new environment before they are written off completely. He's going to get his second chance at 31, and I thought that potential might have been worth a gamble too.

10 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

At least I don't have to watch him go to NE and turn into a superstar. At least not this season.

It'll be a long year in Miami...

Phil Simms is a Cretin.

11 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

I've never been a tannehill guy, but Miami doing this with no viable QB situation in place is odd. It's not like they have a top 3 pick to assure themselves.

Shrug, I guess this helps Tennessee since Mariotta seems injury prone. Honestly, I'm also pretty tepid about Mariotta as well. This feels like two bad teams exchanging furniture.

12 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

Supposedly Tyrod Taylor turned down the Dolphins to become a backup with the Chargers. Why on earth would he do that? He probably just passed up his last chance to be a starter. I think it was a questionable move for Bridgewater to stay with the Saints as well, but that made more sense than this.
Among the players left, Ryan Fitzpatrick would clearly be the best option for Miami. He was 5th in DVOA last year. That's assuming they don't want to be as bad as possible.

19 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

Taylor began with a decent organisation (the Ravens) then played for two dysfunctional organisations (Bills and Browns). If he goes to the Dolphins who are clearly in tanking mode, he gets more of the dysfunctional crap, will have to learn a new playing system and may well be scapegoated if he plays badly. Beyond the demotivating aspects of that, he could end his chances of just staying around the league earning money as a backup until he's late 30s.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles he's reunited with Anthony Lynn who was his OC in Buffalo. Sitting behind Rivers he gets time to learn any changes to the system and gets paid about $11M to sit quietly in meetings, carry the clipboard and take the occasional kneeldown. There's also much more possibility of being part of a playoff contender.

Beyond that, Philip River is 38 this year and he was still living in San Diego and commuting (with a driver). There's every possibility he retires in the next year or two before the Chargers get a new franchise guy.

I can easily why Taylor would make that choice.

20 Re: Dolphins Trade Tannehill to Titans

The odds of Taylor being the heir apparent when Rivers retires are low, I think. He's already not a young player and has never played at an exceptionally high level. When Rivers goes the Chargers would be more likely to go for a young QB in the draft. Taylor might get a stopgap season, or part of a season, but I doubt more than that.