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Eagles Provide Roadmap to Analytics-Driven Future of NFL

Another positive article about the use of analytics in the Philadelphia Eagles front office, led by early Football Outsiders intern Alec Halaby. With teams like Carolina and Baltimore also building analytics departments, while other teams openly eschew analytics, this could become a major separator between teams in the next few years.

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3 The Giants’ GM openly mocks …

The Giants’ GM openly mocks “analytics nerds” in press conferences.

Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock seem to have no use for analytics in Oakland (and if you read the article, Gruden “went ballistic” about earlier attempts to bring in some analytics influence in Philly when he was OC).

Mike Zimmer fired an OC for “passing too much” in Minnesota last season.

And that’s without getting to the organizations like Washington that may or may not be openly hostile to analytics, but are — at best — fantastically inept with them.