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Giants Trade for Leonard Williams

Hey, remember Leonard Williams, the sixth overall pick in the 2015 draft? The Giants today traded for him, sending the Jets a third-round pick in 2020 and a fifth-rounder in 2021 that becomes a fourth-rounder if Williams signs a long-term deal with the G-Men. Which is the only way this trade makes sense, and even then it really doesn't. Interior defensive line already is the strength of the Giants. They've got Dalvin Tomlinson and spent a first-round pick last year on Dexter Lawrence, and B.J. Hill is a pretty good player too. And the Giants are 2-6, so they aren't trading for Williams to help them this year. Man, does Dave Gettleman love his interior defensive linemen.

This is the second trade today where a losing team traded draft capital to add to their team for 2019. The Cardinals dealt a conditional pick to Miami for running back Kenyan Drake, but at least Drake is under contract for more than just the next two months. EDIT: This is wrong, my apologies. Drake is also a pending free agent in 2020.

File under Trivia: This is the first time the Giants and Jets have ever traded with each other.

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9 comments, Last at 28 Oct 2019, 6:52pm

1 "At least Drake is under…

"At least Drake is under contract for more than the next two months". Nope, he's not. That these players were traded was not surprising, but their destinations were.

3 I like this trade. Its a 3rd…

I like this trade. Its a 3rd round pick for what is usually a pretty good player in his prime. I don't get it from the Jets perspective. Ok, you are in a rebuild(allegedly), so why cut bait on good young players you might need down the road when you eventually(if ever?) become good again? This isn't a first rounder like it was for Minka.

Its not even clear from the evidence that average draft value of a 3rd rounder is that much higher than a 5th or 6th rounder.

6 Becuause there is no…

Becuause there is no evidence Jets were/are interested in signign him. they had 4.5 seaosns of mostly so-so performance from him. tryign to figuer this out from giants perspective si harder for me to do. willl be interested in gaitns and jets fans thoughts on local radio this week

8 Really hope Douglas stops…

Really hope Douglas stops the run of taking the best defensive tackle in the top ten for the Jets. The only times the Jets have been contenders are after they accumulated a ton of draft picks. That's how the NY Sack Exchange got built, and it set up the 2000s for them, that ended with the Rex Ryan run. They need to trade down this year and get a bundle. Hopefully Darnold will survive this year.