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Injury Aftermath: Week 4

Chase Daniel
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

by Andrew Potter

Bears Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky -- Shoulder

Adam Schefter reports today that Mitchell Trubisky dislocated his left shoulder and partially tore his labrum early in the team's victory over division rival Minnesota, but the damage is not enough to require surgery. Though the injury is to his non-throwing shoulder, and therefore is not expected to sideline him for long, he is unlikely to play against Oakland in London in Week 5 and may miss further time beyond that.

Chargers Tight End Sean Culkin -- Achilles (IR)

The latest victim of the spate of injuries to Chargers tight ends is Sean Culkin. Culkin started against Miami in place of the injured Virgil Green and Hunter Henry, but he tore his Achilles and will miss the rest of the season. With Henry already on injured reserve due to his tibial plateau fracture and Green still absent with a groin injury, Lance Kendricks is currently the only healthy tight end on the Chargers roster. They are expected to add another tight end,possibly veteran free agent Antonio Gates, when they place Culkin on injured reserve today.

Chargers edge rusher Melvin Ingram suffered a hamstring pull (a mild strain) against the Dolphins, but reports suggest that he could have returned if that had been necessary. Receiver Dontrelle Inman exited with a quad injury, adding even more to the injury woes among the team's receiving corps, but again reports suggest that Inman may have been able to return if necessary.

Giants Linebacker Ryan Connelly -- Knee (IR)

Giants rookie linebacker Ryan Connelly, a fifth-round draft pick from Wisconsin who had started the team's last three games, tore his ACL against Washington and will miss the rest of the season. Connelly had recorded his first career sack earlier in the game, and he had intercepted opposing quarterbacks in back-to-back games. He will not return this year, but he should be ready in time for the 2020 preseason.

Cowboys Left Tackle Tyron Smith -- Ankle

Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith suffered an apparent high-ankle sprain against New Orleans when quarterback Dak Prescott was sacked onto Smith's planted right leg. Around half of high ankle sprains cause offensive linemen to miss at least two weeks, and one in four cause an absence of seven weeks or longer. Smith will probably land somewhere between those two figures: he may be able to return quickly if the sprain is mild, but he is more likely to miss around a month.


The following players left their respective games with concussion symptoms and enter the league protocol:

  • Bills quarterback Josh Allen
  • Browns receiver Jarvis Landry
  • Chargers linebacker Denzel Perryman
  • Falcons offensive lineman Jamon Brown
  • Lions tight end T.J. Hockenson
  • Panthers tight end Chris Manhertz
  • Rams cornerback Marcus Peters

Based on our current data, a growing majority of players now miss at least one game following a diagnosed concussion, but around 80% return within two weeks.

Other Injuries

Broncos edge rusher Bradley Chubb left the game temporarily against the Jaguars with a knee injury, but he was able to return to the game and is not expected to miss further time.

Colts receiver Parris Campbell injured his abdomen against the Raiders. Halfback Marlon Mack injured his ankle, but reports suggest that he would have been able to contribute his usual workload if the Colts had not been trailing so heavily throughout the second half.

Dolphins receiver and kick returner Jakeem Grant injured his hamstring. A narrow majority of receivers miss at least one week after injuring a hamstring, but almost 75% return within two weeks.

Falcons center Alex Mack injured his elbow against the Titans, but he was able to return with the aid of a brace. Mack is not expected to miss further time.

Lions safety Quandre Diggs injured his hamstring against the Chiefs and did not return. Most defensive backs miss at least one week after injuring a hamstring, but 80% return within three weeks.

Redskins linebacker Ryan Anderson injured his elbow against the Giants. No update on its severity is yet public, but 75% of elbow injuries to linebackers do not result in any missed games.

Saints edge rusher Trey Hendrickson injured his neck against the Cowboys and did not return. Neck injuries to defensive linemen usually fall in one of two buckets. Most, 75%, cause no missed time at all. More than half of the remainder cause the player to miss the rest of the season.

Texans receiver Kenny Stills injured his hamstring against the Panthers and did not return. As noted earlier, most hamstring injuries to receivers cause at least one missed game, but only one in four cause an absence of more than two weeks. Offensive lineman Zach Fulton injured his back, but reports suggest that he could have returned to the game if required.

UPDATE: Broncos Edge Rusher Bradley Chubb -- Knee (IR)

Word broke Monday afternoon that Denver Broncos edge rusher Bradley Chubb had torn his ACL in the loss to Jacksonville and will miss the rest of the year. Chubb had 12 sacks as a rookie in 2018 and collected his first sack of 2019 on Sunday. He actually returned to the game after his injury, but received his grim diagnosis on Monday. The 0-4 Broncos have only five sacks this year and could be looking at a very dark season.


15 comments, Last at 02 Oct 2019, 4:37pm

1 Chubb is Done

For the year, according to ESPN, with a torn ACL.

2 What about...

Davante Adams & Jamaal Williams? Was curious to hear what the typical timeline is for turf toe injuries.

3 What about...

Davante Adams & Jamaal Williams? Was curious to hear what the typical timeline is for turf toe injuries.

9 Burfict has a one year vacation (without pay)

In Washington state we have an expression "couging it" as in the WSU Cougars had a big lead late, but couged it and lost. (repeat, with variations, as necessary. Then watch the UCLA game replay.)

Vontaze Burfict couged his big opportunity to kill a man who was on his knees.  He appeared to do everything he could to put Jack Doyle in a pine box, or at least end his season, and instead Doyle finishes the game with a TD, will play the rest of the season (knock wood), and Burfict gets to watch the next few months of football from Buffalo Wild Wings, with hundreds of his closest friends.  Until he shows up one Sunday with his 55 jersey, they figure out who he is, and everybody moves to the other side of the room.


5 Chase Daniel will have to start

Chase Daniel, Will's favorite backup QB, will start while Trubinsky rehabs. He's only started four times previously in his 10 year career. He has pretty impressive stats in his limited career, so he may not be much of a drop off at the QB position.

12 Daniel looked decent against…

Daniel looked decent against the Vikings while not being asked to do much - and the way the game was going, that was all they needed. But even if he doesn't have much more to offer, he almost can't be worse than the version of Trubisky that has showed up so far in 2019.

The worrying thing for the Bears and Trubisky is that a lot of the dropoff in his play appears to be rooted in the fact that defenses have realized that he totally struggles to make reads and accurate throws if they play to contain him in the pocket. It also takes away his ability to scramble and throw on the run, which is where he made most of his big plays last year. Barnwell brought this up in his weekend column - when Trubisky is able to return to the lineup, is the shoulder injury just going to force him to stay in the pocket even more? That could be a problem.

10 Impressive

How much of the game did Chubb play with his ACL rolled up like a busted blind? Did he get his sack after the injury? The thing about ACL tears is that, while you can walk fine, if you try to make a cut on the injured leg, it just folds on you. How Chubb could go out there and play football is beyond my ken.

11 The ligament is only…

In reply to by RobotBoy

The ligament is only partially torn. I don't remember if the sack came before or after the injury, but he seemed to be playing fine after it happened.

15 I can't find the source now,…

In reply to by RobotBoy

I can't find the source now, but I read that yes, Chubb left the game with an injury, then returned and collected a sack, then was stunned on Monday morning to learn he had torn his ACL. He had no idea it was that severe. 

13 Gostkowski (NE - K) to IR…

Gostkowski (NE - K) to IR. Wonder when he got injured? Time to redo NE ST DVOA :)

Schefter says it's season-ending hip surgery.