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Josh Gordon Reinstated

The NFL has announced that it is reinstating Josh Gordon effective immediately. Ian Rapoport has the NFL's statement here. Gordon can't play in the next two preseason games but he'll be eligible before the regular season begins. The rich get richer, but hopefully the team environment is good for Gordon's attempts to stay healthy. (Then again, if it was, would he have been suspended last December?) Gordon was 14th among wide receivers with 20.4% DVOA and 18th with 193 DYAR last year, and brings an important deep-threat element to the Patriots offense.

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1 If...

If Gordon can make it through the season without a lifetime ban, one of the Patriots only clear weaknesses will be resolved. What's the over/under on him keeping it together?

2 Gordon

is given more lives than a cat. I'm sure he's back because Kraft wants him back. This makes it all the more ridiculous that Kaepernick is still not on a team.

3 How so? Gordon is really,…

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How so? Gordon is really, really good at football. Kaepernick isn't. If Kaepernick was even a league average starting quarterback, there is no question he would be on a roster right now.

4 re Kaepernick

People forget that Kaep was at least a mid-level starter. He's overhyped, but he's hardly the first QB for that. I'd take him over Blake Bortles or Andy Dalton, both of whom started most of last season. That means at minimum he could be a backup somewhere. 

5 I'm not saying that Kaep isn…

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I'm not saying that Kaep isn't being blackballed, but keep in mind

1) Most teams are going to have to change their offense to best utilize Kaepernick, and

2) Unless a general manager considers all the distractions that Kaepernick brings to be a positive, it's just not a smart move to invite that circus to town for the sake of improving your backup quarterback position.  Because the next move is the horde calling for Kaepernick to become starter the first time the starter struggles.


Kaepernick should be, at minimum, in someone's camp (if he wants to be).  Let's also keep in mind, though, he had a legitimate opportunity with the Ravens, which he responded to be insulting the owner in the press.

6 "he had a legitimate…

"he had a legitimate opportunity with the Ravens, which he responded to be insulting the owner in the press." - This is astute; The guy has been out of football for two years now and has clearly made the calculation that there are marketing dollars to be made by being "blackballed" to be counted against the dollars to be made by actually playing football, and will likely only take a significant contract as an unchallanged starter - something that doesn't make football sense. I think by the time he senses his relivence declining as a result of being too far removed from playing he won't have any opportunities left.

N.B. The above is just an economics/self interest interpretation of events. I don't think the owners perception of his politics will or should play into the discussion; This is about dollars - both for a contract and in brand value.

11 Well, it's not entirely…

Well, it's not entirely clear what happened with the Ravens.  The Ravens blame CK, or, more specifically his girlfriend for a comment she made.  Meanwhile, there was a report on ESPN saying Ravens' owner Bisciotti didn't want CK at any point, and overruled GM Ozzie Newsome and coach John Harbaugh, who wanted to bring him in.  And so they ended up using the girlfriend as a scapegoat.

I think it's pretty obvious that CK would have done a better job than Lamar Jackson, who is a terrible passer.  Feels like Bisciotti prefers to blackball over optimizing his QB play.  

Is CK the same QB he was five years ago?  Probably not.  Is he putting his social activism over his football career?  Yes, certainly.  Is the NFL still guilty of also putting politics ahead of letting football be the sole criterion?  Certainly.



12 " I think it's pretty…

" I think it's pretty obvious that CK would have done a better job than Lamar Jackson, who is a terrible passer.  "


Is it obvious?  Comparing the stats of Kaepernick's final season to Jackson's rookie season are kind of similar, except Kaepernick threw twice as many passes.  Not to mention that Jackson had much more success as a runner than Kaepernick did in his best season.  Small sample size and all that. 

10 You may have a point…

You may have a point regarding the negative effects of media attention paid to the backup QB.

However, I don't think it's accurate to say that teams are going to have to change their offense for Kap. In his final three seasons with the 49ers, he averaged about 6 rushing attempts per game, compared to about 30 pass attempts per game. That's a similar ratio to Russell Wilson, who is also a mobile QB but certainly can play in a standard offense.

He also completed about 60% of his passes for 6.9 yards per attempt, despite having some of the worst receiving corps in the league (in his final season, his leading receivers were Jeremy Kerley and Quinton Patton). This wasn't a gimmick offense - it was more or less a standard offense, and Kap did fine.

19 It's obviously been awhile,…

It's obviously been awhile, but I seem to remember during Kaepernick's successful seasons, virtually every play being a designed rollout.  His drastic downturn in production seemed to coincide with his playing more from the pocket.


Again, my memory doesn't work as good as it ...... who were we talking about?

21 Kaep was backing up BLAINE…

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Kaep was backing up BLAINE GABBERT!!!! when the protests began. He was backing up a backup quarterback. He is NOT a mid-level starter.

23 His production (at least as…

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His production (at least as measured by FO's numbers) was bad but above replacement level in 2014 (he and Kyle Orton had pretty similar seasons that year, for example) and atrocious - replacement level or below - in 2015 and 2016. You need a fair bit of special pleading to even make the case he was starter-level at all in those seasons, much less league average.

9 An alternate perspective is…

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An alternate perspective is that he's been constantly harassed by the NFL for smoking marijuana, which - although it certainly isn't good for you - isn't the kind of thing that should be used by the league to essentially destroy a pro athlete's career. If the NFL had a more lax marijuana policy, like the NBA, Gordon may not have been suspended at all. 

It's especially ridiculous that Gordon has essentially lost four seasons of his prime because, with the exception of a DWI charge in 2014, all of his failures have been problems that only hurt himself. The NFL is OK letting domestic abusers back on the field after missing a few games, but for using a drug that is becoming increasingly legalized at the state level, Gordon has missed out on tens of millions of dollars.

13 On the other hand, Gordon…

On the other hand, Gordon could just follow the rules set forth for his choice of employment.


Side note, have we lost the ability to click "my account" and see if replies have been added to topics we've commented on?  Or has that option been moved someplace I can't find?

15 With regard to your side…

With regard to your side note, I can't find that page either.  I had it bookmarked, but when I click on the bookmark, I get a "Hmm, we can't seem to find that" page.

If it's gone, that really sucks.  I don't have the time or desire to click on every thread and scroll down all the way to see if there are new replies.

17 This has long been a…

This has long been a frustration for me on this site.  The comments section can have good discussion.  But if there's no way to get notifications of new replies, the good discussions die.  I think they've tried a few different methods, but they've all been temporary.

20 Follow the Rules

Employers demand employees adhere to rules and standards that are unjust, insulting, and dehumanizing. All the time. What if you could smoke pot to ease pain illegally, or take opiates legally (i.e. doctor scrip)? The league would insist on 'b' but perhaps you don't want to risk opiate addiction. The league, of course, only cares about optics and keeping the product moving. There are situations, many situations, where terms of employment are nothing but control mechanisms. Saying, 'Well, you knew that when you took the job', is the same thing as saying, 'You have all the freedom you want. Freedom to starve.' The last thing in the world a business should be able to do is dictate behavior and morality to...anyone.

Of course, Gordon was doing a hell of a lot more than puff on blunts.

14 Erm, Gordon's addiction…

Erm, Gordon's addiction issues are a lot more serious than you're describing. In his own words: https://www.gq.com/story/josh-gordon-nfl-2017-interview

I sincerely hope for the best for him, but I feel uneasy about another attempt to return knowing the depth of his struggles over the years.

7 This really surprised me…

This really surprised me given the history of the league and Gordon's history - I hope he can abide by whatever the conditions of his re-instatement are and play the season, he's fantastic to watch. I wonder if this signals that the wheel of NFL "justice" has turned a little bit, and whether the Pats had insight as to how this would go down - we'll see whether he plays the season or not but this makes the Pats lack of success in obtaining other receivers/TE's more forgivable.

16 Past few years ive only been…

Past few years ive only been so-so impressed with the Pats' weapons (they sure seem to have gotten a lot of friendly draws in the postseason, plus good timing with injury luck for their opponents, kinda like the opposite of their 2008-2013 run), but, other than tight end, this team sure looks loaded. As long as Brady holds up, should be another bye and the AFC going through Foxboro in January

22 Friendly draws?

"they sure seem to have gotten a lot of friendly draws in the postseason..."

There's a tendency to say this about any team that goes on to have success..."Team A beat Team B, so obviously they were better than Team B, so they must have gotten lucky to face team B", but I don't really think it holds up.

2018 - The Pats had to play the top two AFC teams by DVOA in the Divisional and Conference Championship games, and the top NFC team by DVOA in the Superbowl

2017 - This year your comment holds a little more weight--they played the 8th best AFC team in the Divisional, and the 4th best in the Conference Championship, and faced only the 4th best NFC team in the SB.  (Of course, they lost that year).

2016 - The did get a "lucky" draw in the Divisional facing Houston (the 14th best AFC team that year... side note... what was Houston even doing in the playoffs, let alone the Divisional round???!!!), but then had to face PIT in the Championship (the 2nd best team in the AFC, behind only NE), and ATL in the SB (the second best NFC team).

2015 - The beat the best AFC team (KC) in the Divisional, and lost to the 4th best (DEN, behind KC, NE, and PIT) in the Conference Championship.

2014 - Beat BAL (the 2nd best AFC team behind NE itself) in the Divisional, and IND (6th best AFC team) in the Conference Championship.  Beat the top overall team by DVOA in the SB.

So out of the last 5 years, they only had one year with a lucky series of playoff draws (and they lost it that year).  On other year they were lucky enough to draw Houston, but also had to face two top-two teams.

24 Nah, i had 'facing the…

Nah, i had 'facing the Seahawks with earl Thomas and Richard Sherman injured, the falcons with Alex Mack playing on a broken leg, and the Rams instead of the Saints and without Cooper Kupp' in mind; there are always injuries, and the Pats had particularly bad luck in their 10 year gap between titles.  They've also had about one tough game a year (at home) to get to the Super bowl, but, really, that's already abated (last year's Chargers-Chiefs draw was about as hard as it could have been, although they got lucky to get the Rams rather than the saints or bears in the SB)