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Monday Morning Digest: Conference Championship Tale of the Tape

Lots of stats and breakdowns in this one, followed by Sean McVay jokes. And while it was sad to see the Eagles' run end, the thought of Brady v. Foles II, and all of the magical thinking that would inspire, filled me with a mix of awe, enthusiasm and dread.


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1 Re: Monday Morning Digest: Conference Championship Tale

by Guest789 // Jan 17, 2019 - 2:31pm

"So maybe the never draft a running back early rule of modern roster architecture is more of a nuanced guideline than a firm Moneyball commandment."

"Most significant newcomer: C.J. Anderson

Cut by the Panthers and (after one week) the Raiders in the second half of the season"

Yeah, I still think first round RBs are a waste of resources.

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