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NFL Suspends Kareem Hunt for Eight Games

The NFL has suspended Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt for the first eight games of the 2019 season for violating the league's personal-conduct policy.

Hunt was released by Kansas City in November after video surfaced showing him shoving and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel in February of 2018. He was never arrested and is not facing criminal charges. He signed with the Browns in February.

Hunt's suspension is not a surprise, but now that the length is known, Cleveland can make plans concerning Duke Johnson, their backup runner who has been the subject of trade rumors. Nick Chubb, the 35th overall pick in the draft last year, will be the starter.

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7 comments, Last at 25 Mar 2019, 10:15pm

1 Re: NFL Suspends Kareem Hunt for Eight Games

It's a great pickup for the Browns and just adds to the offensive firepower. And he arrives with no baggage other than the suspension. These incidents seem so common place now, that public (media?) outrage seems to have died down.

Shame for the Chiefs whose offense seemed to be slightly less effective after they cut him. I don't think their organisation had much choice about that given that he'd reportedly lied about the incident when asked by team officials'

4 Re: NFL Suspends Kareem Hunt for Eight Games

Looking at chiefsplanet, they are insistent that because his fiance was suspected on the one police report and not him, that it's probably not him; also, that local reporter Brooke Pryor majorly screwed the pooch on the reporting.

Gut feeling is his fiance may be "taking the fall" for the incident. Also, don't NFL teams/Roger bankroll the best PIs in the world, and use that in doling out personal conduct penalties beyond what the justice system does?

6 Re: NFL Suspends Kareem Hunt for Eight Games

Local reporter Mary Kay Cabot saying the team is petitioning the league to make an exception on the banning-from-facilities terms.

They've been down this road with the non-violent-but-perpetually-suspended Josh Gordon, so they are emphasizing the "structure" benefit.

It seems like an unlikely precedent for the league to bend on, although another factor is the potential for Hunt to have issues with hometown peers if left to his own devices.