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NFL Trade Deadline Tracker

It has already been a busy trade season in the NFL. We'll just use this thread to discuss any last-minute deals.

  • Per Adam Schefter, the Rams are trading CB Aqib Talib and a fifth-round pick to Miami for "a future pick" in an NBA-style salary dump. 

UPDATE: And that's it. Well that was boring.


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10 I was certain they were…

I was certain they were going to get Alex Mack, C for the awful Falcons. The Talib move freed up the cap space. I guess either I was way off or they just couldn't get it done.

2 Talib

I have to say, I am absolutely mystified by the Talib trade. For the Rams it somewhat makes sense. Talib was old, and not playing well. Even before his ribs injury he'd clearly lost a full step at the position that requires the most athleticism. Culturally it's difficult to have the guy sitting on the bench, so shipping him off for peanuts is understandable. I have zero idea why the Dolphins are trying to add clearly past it players while giving up draft capital. This leads me to believe there's something else going on with other teams. That or the Lolphins are just making a head scratching move. It's possible that they are just totally incompetent, but I'm going with the first theory.


EDIT: Turns out the rams are ALSO giving a 5th round pick to the Dolphins, not receiving one. The pick they get is probably going to be lower. That makes a lot more sense for both sides.

4 They also get the…

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They also get the compensatory pick when Talib leaves. This only costs them cash. Good trade for everyone but Talib

11 Talib's too old to really…

Talib's too old to really command much of a compensatory pick. This may well be his last year anyway.


A surprisingly harsh move by Les Snead, who I was convinced was building a reputation as a softie who just gave in to players.

5 Robert Mays tweeted that on…

Robert Mays tweeted that on a day when Andy Dalton got benched on his birthday, the Aqib Talib trade is still the meanest thing an NFL team did to one of its' players.

9 Plenty of Jets rumors out…

Plenty of Jets rumors out there. Their middle linebacker, wide receiver and cornerback are for sale, as well as third string running back Ray Allen. Not sure why anyone would offer much for Xavier Reve or K'Sean Dossous, much less a first round pick. Apparently the Jets aren't satisfied with their 13 first round picks in next year's draft.