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Patriots Trade for Mohamed Sanu

Wait, another Rutgers player? The New England Patriots have traded a second-round pick to the Atlanta Falcons for wide receiver Mohamed Sanu. Seems like a high price for a player who's more of a slot receiver and short-range target, but the Patriots are definitely in "win-now" mode with a 42-year-old quarterback and that pick is going to be at the end of the round. Sanu is very similar to Julian Edelman, known most for using his agility in a small space to get open. Oh, and he can throw passes on trick plays too. But I'm not sure who's going to stretch the field for this offense if Josh Gordon doesn't get healthy. The Pats dropped to 13th in offensive DVOA in their defensively dominant 33-0 win over the Jets last night.

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1 NE now has (at least) three…

NE now has (at least) three converted QBs on their roster -- Edelman, Meyers, and (when this becomes official) Sanu.

Clearly we need to see a Brady to Edelman to Meyers to Sanu to Brady trick play.

2 You had me...

until you threw the ball back to Brady.

After the failed Super Bowl pass to Brady vs. Eagles, we really don't ever need to see another ball thrown his way again.  

(Oh, and this is a very good pick-up for the Pats.  Now all they need is another lineman.  And maybe a tight end...or a fullback.)

28 Hey, when they axed AB84…

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Hey, when they axed AB84 they were able to put a fullback on their active roster...Jakob Johnson, hailing from Deutschland. :)

27 Not on the college level,…

Not on the college level, and he's almost off the roster, but Gordon was a HS quarterback, too, if I'm not mistaken.

Interesting to see, checking his wiki, that he pulled a Gronk and moonlit as a Hail Mary package corner once last year, as well.

4 Was the price so high…

Was the price so high because there was a bidding war? Seems like a lot of playoff hopefuls are in the market for a WR...Eagles, Saints, 49ers, Panthers, Ravens....

Who's the next to fall before the deadline Tuesday? Emmanuel Sanders? A. J. Green?

14 And next would be Emmanuel…

And next would be Emmanuel Sanders, to the 49ers.

Sounds like the 49ers did indeed want Sanu, who played under Shanahan in Atlanta, but didn't have a 2nd to offer (they traded their second earlier in the year for Dee Ford).  Sanders may have been their second choice. 

5 Makes sense

They found their Amendola, although they paid way too much for him. He's pretty similar to Edelman this year: 34th vs. 33rd for DYAR, but 30th vs. 40th for DVOA. Last year they were pretty similar in those efficiency stats as well.

I guess the plan is that Dorsett and Gordon will be in charge of the field stretching?

6 though he doesn't do it often

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Edelman can move outside.  Adding Sanu will give the team more flexibility.  And it gives the position some needed depth.  (With all due respect to Gunner Olszewski.)  

FWIW, rookie Jakobi Meyers can stretch the field, too.  He looks like the best drafted WR that the Pats have gotten in quite some time.  (I guess Edelman was the last impressive WR drafted.  There have been a lot of misses there.)  

7 Falcons salary cap...

I think this had to play a role. Given that this is a lost season... they were slated to be $8.7 Million over the cap next year, with 27% of their cap tied up in two players, Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.

As reported at overthecap.com, the top 5 Falcons (those two plus Jake Matthews, Grady Jarrett, and Desmond Trufant) are set to tie up over 50% of their salary cap next year, and their top 10 (of which Sanu was previously one) over 73%. This will free up some room for next year.

I think they already acknowledge this year is a bust. I was at the Falcons stadium for a tour on Friday, and at one point the guide noted that the Falcons are only ever in the stadium 10 days a year, 8 home regular season games plus 2 preseason. I immediately quipped something about already assuming no playoff games, but I think that's a fairly safe bet.

This was a superbowl team less than 3 years ago (one that they probably should have won), and even the year after that were a failed completion from the NFC Championship game. I don't know if their window is shut, but they may need to endure a few less than stellar seasons before they get it opened again. The Saints had losing records for 3 years before getting retooled to their current run, but they kept their coach and QB in place. Quinn doesn't have the ring to shield him, not sure if he will make it.

20 Exactly. Regardless of Brady…

Exactly. Regardless of Brady's age, at 7-0 it makes sense to sacrifice future value for help right now (same as Sanders to SF). That was my issue with the Jalen Ramsey trade; even if it gives their defense a big boost this season it is unlikely to help the Rams achieve more than a wild-card spot, and a perilous path through a stacked conference come January. Then they are left with all the contract drama come the off-season.

Sanu might not even end up playing that big of a role for the Patriots if others get healthy, but they sure look short of manpower at receiver right now. On Monday night they were trotting out an undrafted free agent and the corpse of Ben Watson as featured pass-catchers. That might not get it done now that the 'steaming garbage' section of their schedule has finished. 

12 Yeah that's an insane price,…

Yeah that's an insane price, one I could have seen being paid of AJ Green or Sanders, but not for Sanu. What does he do differently than Edelman? Does he scare anybody?

Really hoping the Packers pick up Sanders/Green, that might put them over the top in the NFC with how Rodgers is playing

16 Sanders just went to the…

Sanders just went to the 49ers for basically a 3rd-round pick (Denver also sent a 5th and the 49ers a 4th that should be pretty close to each other).  Sanu is 2 years younger and has another year on his existing deal, but yeah, a 2 seems pricy.

18 Weird, because the way…

Weird, because the way Meyers played last night, and with Dorsett getting healthy again, and their first round pick N'keal somebody supposedly almost healthy, it seems like they've got lots of bodies at WR. Unlike, say, the OL, which looked really rough against the Jets.

Maybe the Gordon injury is worse than expected? Or maybe Edelman's ribs were aggravated?

I'd have thought that WR was way down the list of Patriot needs, behind OL, TE, FB, K, and backup QB.

19 I don't think Sanu and…

I don't think Sanu and Edelman are all that similar. Sanu is bigger, and tends to win with strength. He lacks Edelman's quickness.

One thing that would concern me if I were a Pats fan is that Sanu has spent his entire career playing alongside elite WRs (first Green, then Jones) that drew tons of defensive attention. He won't have that advantage in NE.

23 Sigh. If only Tampa would…

Sigh. If only Tampa would trade the Tight End Bruce Arians apparently doesn't know how to / stubbornly refuses to use.

24 I wonder if Belichick was in…

I wonder if Belichick was in charge of the Rutgers program the last 15 years if they'd be NCAA Championship contenders.

25 Pats are reportedly going to…

Pats are reportedly going to release Josh Gordon as soon as he's healthy. They have been a bit schizophrenic in their roster moves at WR, haven't they?