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Raiders, Coliseum Authority Reach Agreement for 2019

Change of plans, kids. It looks like your Oakland Raiders are going to stay in Oakland in 2019 as your Oakland Raiders. There's also a team option in the deal for 2020 in case the Raiders' new stadium in Las Vegas is not yet ready as planned.

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1 Re: Raiders, Coliseum Authority Reach Agreement for 2019

Who cares where they play. It's a drawn out saga beyond the wishes of most normal football fans. Multi-millionaire argues with city, backs himself into a corner and then does the obvious before finally being able to go do what he really wants.

That said, the final line of the article did pep me up ... "The deal ensures somewhat of a happy ending and a chance for Raiders fans to bid farewell before the Raiders leave for good."

I'm sure Raiders' fans are really thankful for that. Kind of like your girlfriend dumping you but then inviting you over for Christmas.

Can't think of anything worse that isn't better suffixed with "... and don't let the door hit you on the backside as you leave".

3 Re: Raiders, Coliseum Authority Reach Agreement for 2019

Mant Raiders fans not concerned with where team plays. Mostly ongy concerns peiple who go to games. Do think oing to Lad Vegas not greta thoufh. Is there foinf to be big draw to go therr in a dew year@? Maybe not. Unless wanting to aee the wayne newton show or somd magic act or bellagio water sprinkler show ir go to Excalibur buffet, not sure there is nythinf fretababiu it.