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What's Wrong with the Eagles' Pass Rush?

Pass rush and coverage work together. And when the pass rush can't get home, the coverage gets shredded. And right now, the struggling Philadelphia secondary is getting extra shredded. This article also touches on something I've seen suggested a few times on Twitter recently: it's possible that having an elite shutdown run defense is a bad thing because it encourages teams to pass against you and passing is generally more efficient than running the ball.

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1 The article mentions a…

The article mentions a twitter commentator (there's an authority...) raising that question, but the article demonstrates the issue lies with the secondary itself. Atlanta threw super quickly to get the ball out before the d-line arrived. Detroit went to max protect, and blocked four with seven.

The problem doesn't seem to be with the line. It's that 7 can't cover 4.

The line is good enough to be an effective run-stopper even when pass rushing. The problem is that the secondary can't cover for 2.1 seconds. If you can't do that, it doesn't matter if the line can stop the run.

2 I just don't think people…

I just don't think people understand how bad the Eagles secondary is. Even if they were all healthy, they would be a well below average unit. Half the reason they ever appear competent is because they put some street guy in and teams instinctively go after the new guy, because on *most* teams, he's the liability. Not Philly, where "random street guy" is an upgrade.

Also doesn't help that some of the linebackers are terrible, too. Nate Gerry's reaction time is horrendous.