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49ers Extend Shanahan Through 2025

When the San Francisco 49ers hired Kyle Shanahan to be their new head coach in 2017, they gave him a six-year deal, very long for a first-time hire, and some wondered whether he would see the end of the contract. Well, he won't ... because the 49ers have torn it up and signed him to a new six-year deal that will last through 2025. Shanahan is still only 40 years old so there may be still more six-year deals in his future. 

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10 comments, Last at 18 Jun 2020, 7:13pm

1 I know the value of coaching…

I know the value of coaching is hotly debated but I'm more than a-ok with this news.  Hopefully he can continue to replicate the success he's already had....and finally get to hold a new Lombardi trophy while in SF.  

5 I stand corrected.  The…

In reply to by Aaron Brooks G…

I stand corrected.  The stadium itself is ok, but seems like the area around it is a bit of a mess.  

8 I mean, the area around most…

I mean, the area around most stadiums are terrible. The area around the Colosseium is super dangerous. When Candlestick park existed, it was located next to Hunter's Point - an awful/dangerous place.


Santa Clara is a stark contrast as its located in the heart of the South Bay Area, filled with office parks and complexes. 

2 My periodic reminder that…

My periodic reminder that with Kyle interviewing for a head coaching job in the same off-season that the Broncos were hiring, the said to themselves, "nah, we're good with Vance Joseph."

They had the option to retain Wade Philips and hire Kyle Shanahan, and passed. Damn it, John Elway.


6 It would be hard to find…

It would be hard to find more HCs who seemed more out of touch than V. Joseph.  Reminds me of a brilliant quote I once read on this site regarding Jim Caldwell; something to the effect of "he looks like he's waiting for a bus a surprised a football game broke out in front of him".