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49ers Trade for T. Williams; J.Staley Retires

The San Francisco 49ers had a surprising changing of the guard at left tackle during the third day of the draft.

First, they traded for Washington's Trent Williams, giving up a fifth-round pick this year and a third-round pick next year in the deal. Williams, the fourth overall draft pick in 2010, started 119 of his 120 games in a Washington uniform, but he missed the 2019 season in a nasty holdout/injury dispute with the club, believing the medical staff had mismanaged his health, including a cancer diagnosis that the team claimed was a minor issue but which Williams believes nearly cost him his life. 

Following the trade, stalwart 49ers tackle Joe Staley announced his retirement. Staley, the 28th overall pick in 2007, started each of his 181 games in a 49ers uniform, making the Pro Bowl six times. 

In other 49ers news, the team also traded wide receiver Marquise Goodwin to the Philadelphia Eagles. Terms of the deal have not yet been announced. 

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4 comments, Last at 25 Apr 2020, 10:15pm

1 Wow they won that…

Wow they won that sweesptakes, I was skeptical of their ability to improve on last year but it might happen

2 I'd say they tried to…

I'd say they tried to address their losses the best they could. Lost Staley, Buckner, Sanders and replaced them with Kinlaw, Ayuik, and Williams. There's a lot of uncertainty. 

3 Big win for the 49ers, big L…

Big win for the 49ers, big L for Washington. I wonder how many 1st-round picks BOB would have given up last year for Trent

4 Vikings had apparently offered more than 49ers did....

But Williams nixed that trade, wanting to go to 49ers.   Vikings then took Cleveland, and 49ers got their trade.   Washington did not get as much as they'd hoped for (and I don't know how much better the offer was)...