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All NFL Teams to Operate in COVID-19 Intensive Protocol

As COVID-19 infection rates rise throughout the United States, the NFL has ordered all 32 teams to operate for the rest of the season under the league's intensive protocol starting on Sunday. 

NFL.com's Judy Battista writes: "That calls for, among other restrictions, all players and coaches must have a negative from the previous day's testing before entering the facility, in addition to regular daily PCR testing, all meetings being held virtually unless they can be held outdoors or indoors with a pre-approved plan, and for face masks being worn at all times at the facility, including on the practice field by all personnel. All meals must be served in grab and go style to prevent people from congregating in meal rooms. Locker room use is strongly discouraged on non-game days."

In related news, the Las Vegas Raiders have placed eight starting defenders on the reserve/COVID-19 list. None of the eight players has technically been ruled out for Sunday night's game against Kansas City, but even if they are cleared, most would have to play without practicing this week.




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1 Raiders

I guess the Oakland Raiders are going to live as long as the San Diego Chargers.

That aside, as we hit (what I hope is) the peak of the second wave, is anyone really surprised that the Raiders are the team with almost a complete group of players in Covid protocol?

3 Why? Becuase tema is Raiders…

In reply to by jds

Why? Becuase tema is Raiders which are filthy pirates livign jn close quarters on ship? Probably, especislly if one brougjt it on before boarding. Next thing you know everypne would get COVID-19

Leats limely team tp have problem witj virus woudl be Jets since jets are not living thing. Of course, Jets have all sorts of other problems. Team is 0-9 and strting J. Flacco thinkjgn he might ve long term answer. Why else wohdl you start him when drafted wuserterback in 4th round and also have Mike White? Could Flacco have nice 2nd act liek Kurt Warner with Cardinals?  Not likely but Jets are dumb team so they have meetings aboru dumb things like this. Raiders woudl never do something like this


Havrnt heard anything lately about animals gwtting COVID-19. In april or still maybe jt was March did hear abou tigers in New York City having it and mmaybe some dogs. Nothing since. Will research. If dogs could get it that would stink. You coudl be out walking your dog and another dog could be nearby and then bark at your dog. If other dog has virus it could spread it by barking at you or your dog if close enough. 


Edit. Djd research. Seems spreading COVID-19 to pets or gettinf it frlm pets is low chance. Still, be wary of approaching strange pets. Therefore, would say teams named afer animals like Eagles or Rams woudl be less likely to have COVID-19 outbreaks if that was guy's point liek really a team name woudl make someone think that has anytjing to do with this.

4 Denmark has just culled…

Denmark has just culled millions of mink due to them getting a mutated strain of COVID19.   The concern being that a mutated strain is going to be resistant to any effective vaccine that's been developed.

Let's just hope Washington Minks wasn't being considered ...

5 Jets aren't a living thing,…

Jets aren't a living thing, but everyone crowding together inside a jet may lead to transmission of the virus.

Are Raiders meant to represent seaborne marauders?  I always thought of them more like horsemen that rode into a village, plundered everything, and then rode out again.