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AP Announces 2019 All-Pro Team

Congratulations to everyone who was chosen an All-Pro this season, but the Associated Press really mucked this up. A couple of years ago, they changed the rosters to introduce a "Flex" offensive position instead of having two running backs, and they changed "defensive ends" to "edge rushers" so we properly compared 3-4 linebackers to 4-3 defensive ends. But they make the voting for "Flex" separate from the voting for other offensive positions so they end up with Christian McCaffrey chosen as both the RB and the FLEX instead of what it should be, which is that the player with the most votes not chosen as a normal starter should be the FLEX (in this case, Derrick Henry). And half the voters understand what edge rushers are and half don't, so T.J. Watt was chosen to the first team as an edge rusher but the second team as a linebacker.

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1 Defensive Backs

Don't leave out the defensive backs, where the voting went something like:

10 voters (of the 12 who didn't vote for Tre'Davious White) thought Richard Sherman was one of the two best cornerbacks in the league; 5 other voters had him third (and so voted him for "defensive back").

1 voter thought Marcus Peters was one of the two best cornerbacks in the league; 7 other voters had him third.

0 voters thought Marlon Humphrey was on of the two best cornerbacks in the league; 7 voters had him third.

Based on this, Peters and Humphrey were named first-team All-Pros.

2 Not new . . .

The changes a few years ago were absurd. AP All Pro *needs* a retro-fix in order to be relevant, esp. for DBs, in future HoF discussions.

3 It's all the more ridiculous…

It's all the more ridiculous when you see McCaffrey as 1st-team RB and FLEX, and then Henry as 2nd-team RB and FLEX. If the system gives you the same players at both spots on both teams, then the system is broken.

5 Chase Stuart wrote an…

Chase Stuart wrote an article a few years ago which went into harrowing details how awful the all pro voting is. Some of the voters actually nominated a guard for a d tackle because they mixed up the names. I'm not sure how to fix it when it comes to voters who are supposed to take this seriously.

6 Super impressive season from…

Super impressive season from Christian McCaffrey, who is now the 8th RB since the merger to have 2+ first team All Pros in their first 3 seasons.

Walter Payton, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Mike Alstott, Adrian Peterson, and now Christian McCaffrey.

7 we usue thsi crap to help…

we usue thsi crap to help decide who whsould make PFHOF. All-pro voting has long been messed up. paul zimmerman wrote abotu bad voting way back in early 70s in first edition of "The Thinking Man's Guide to professional Football.:" The Ass. Press voting is gettting more absurd with each year.

9 Even Z was not immune to…

Even Z was not immune to some really bad picks. He selected Alstott one year! I think Z was the best mainstream football writer ever, but his Alstott selection was an example of why well selected metrics are important, so the evaluator doesn't get overly enamored with some spectacular video. In particular, anybody who looked at fumble rates, and noted Alstott's pretty ordinary y.p.c. , would have had a much easier time ignoring video of Alstott breaking tackles.

12 So this is how Lawrence…

So this is how Lawrence Taylor won the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year in 1981, his rookie year.   Joe Klecko and Mark Gastineau lead the league that year in sacks, with 20.5 and 20 sacks respectively.  The vote split between the two of them, and Taylor, with his 8.5 sacks, won the award.

Fast forward to now, and Joe Klecko isn't even on the finalist list for the Hall of Fame.  That's why this matters.

10 Kendricks...

Eric Kendricks is a first team all-pro despite not making the Pro Bowl, and this isn't the first time that's happened....

11 It happened to David…

In reply to by andrew

It happened to David Bakhtiari just last year. It's far more frequent than many people would expect. 

14 It makes some sense that an…

It makes some sense that an award that includes fan voting would diverge more from an award that doesn't at positions like offensive line and off-ball linebacker. Those players get far less media coverage that can shape narratives that influence voting. The journalists who vote for the All-Pro teams may be paying attention to these players and getting a good sense of who's good and who's overrated, but they aren't publishing articles about it nearly as frequently as about skill-position players and pass-rushers, essentially leaving fan voters to their own devices.

15 off-ball LB

atnytmie i see that term used need to read context clues to determine what type of linebcker is off-ball. most of time am reading for context clues and whole poitn of person'a post is lost because am too annoyed losing time trying to firgure out type of linebacker the person is writing about.  Do realize most  people are aping it at thsi point and wish they would stop btu whoever invented this term (mayock, perhaps , as it is very Mayockian) deserves swift kick to balls