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Are Kickers' Jobs Easier Without Crowds?

As Aaron Reiss of The Athletic points out, NFL kickers have been hitting on more field goals, and especially long field goals, than ever before. Reiss spoke to several kickers -- including Ka'imi Fairbairn of the Houston Texans and Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens -- to find out what it's like kicking in empty (or mostly empty) stadiums and whether they think that trend will continue.

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3 comments, Last at 16 Oct 2020, 11:20am

1 Does FG% decline over the…

Does FG% decline over the course of a season? It seems plausible that better average weather in early-season games, plus fewer cumulative injuries, could cause that to be the case. If so, then we probably ought to compare performance so far to just the first 5 weeks of other recent seasons.

2 Yes, it does!

Yes, it does decline over the course of a season, so you are correct that it is best to compare the first five weeks of this year with only the first five weeks of previous years.

3 And apparently focus only on…

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And apparently focus only on longer-distance kicks, too. Shorter distance kicks obviously aren't affected - the highest statistics kicks in the league (extra points) are totally and completely consistent with last year (actually lower).