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Are the Rams Playoff Contenders? Five Questions with FO

Eric D. Williams, who covers the Los Angeles Rams for Sports Illustrated, had five questions about our chapter covering the team in Football Outsiders Almanac 2020 (now available!). If you're not familiar with the Almanac and are curious about the contents, this might give you a taste of what you could expect. 

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5 comments, Last at 24 Aug 2020, 7:01pm

3 Bullish on the Rams.

Wishful thinking at best.  They lost great players and there's no evidence that Goff will rebound.  Given that the Rams play in the best division in the NFL, an over 8 wins prediction is easy money for Vegas (under).

The Cards will be highly improved with a ceiling of 11 or 12 wins easily if the offense continues and their defense is at least mediocre.

The Hawks will be steady, even though I see a regression in their defense due to high impact losses.  They'll be in there, but won't win the division.

The 49ers will regress as everyone has predicted, but even with that we're talking about a team that wins 10-12 games and probably 9 at worst.  


I would not be surprised to see the Niners and Cards with playoffs births leaving the Hawks and Rams on the outside looking in.


4 Agreed,,,

 I feel much the same....with a robo, programmed one-read QB like Goff, only so much Rams can do....not to mention a pitiful LB corps......with McVay they won't totally go into the tank, but 8-8 seems like the ceiling. I really like some of the rookies, though.....Tyrell Lewis could develop into a Danielle Hunter type player, Van Jefferson and Cam Akers are both legit as well...but they have a 10-6 ceiling with Goff, kind of like what my Bengals used to have with Dalton.

5 Strange as it seems...

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Those Dalton Bengals were more consistent than the Goff Rams.

Goff's Rams have a higher ceiling, but I'd probably put money on Dalton to be .500 more so than Goff.

Goff, to me, has boom or bust written all over him.