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Bengals Deal Carlos Dunlap to Seattle

Well, Carlos Dunlap can sell his house now. He may not even need Twitter. Cincinnati has traded him to Seattle for center B.J. Finney and a late-round pick. Dunlap is the all-time Bengals sack leader and fills a major need for the Seahawks. Last year, even frustrated with his role in the Bengals defense, Dunlap had 9 sacks and 36 hurries. And over the last few years, nobody has knocked down passes at the line quite as often as Dunlap.

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24 comments, Last at 02 Nov 2020, 12:24pm

2 I hope so

Do you really think that Dunlap, by himself, makes that big of a change to the Seahawks defense?

I'm hoping that the addition of Snacks Harrison and the return of Jamal Adams from injury improves the defense.  There's talent here.  Bobby Wagner is still excellent, KJ Wright is still the screen whisperer, and there are a few other guys on that defense who are good.

If they can get to just average, with this offense, they're contenders.

3 ... they're contenders right…

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... they're contenders right now with one of the worst defenses in the league. An average defense probably makes them the favorites.

5 I think Adams makes a huge…

I think Adams makes a huge impact when he's on the field.

And the difference between one quality pass rusher and zero can also be significant.

"Average" may be pushing it, but "not as putrid as before" would still help SEA a lot.

6 Ha! 'Snacks'...

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If only Floyd 'Pork Chop' Womack were still on the squad; then the Seahawks would have a new theme for the 2020 rendition that could rival even the 'Legion of Boom'.

13 Not sold on Seattle as legit contenders.

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They are dead last in the NFL in YPG and 10th worst in scoring defense.

To put that in perspective, they've given up 20+ points more than the Cards despite playing one less game.

Adams is a nice piece to use for scheming, but he's not enough of a difference to mean much.

Dunlap is basically throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks because the Hawks don't have much to trade.

If they were smart, they would have retained Clowney.

I predict Seattle to drop their next three contests because they're playing good teams who have defenses better than Seattle's.


Seattle looks a lot better by those "sacks other than stats," so you aren't actually helping your "argument" here.

And somehow, I'm not surprised you're your own boss; you don't come across as someone who would be tolerable to deal with in the workplace on a daily basis.

7 Huge move for the Seahawks…

Huge move for the Seahawks. Their pass rush borders on non-existant, and while Dunlap isn't an elite player, he's a huge upgrade for them. If the Hawks can move that defense from close to -10.0 to even 0.0 with Dunlap and Adams coming back, which is reasonable, we could be looking at one of the top 5 teams in the league. 

Very disappointing.

14 That's not saying much...

Seattle's defense is historically bad.  

If you think getting Adams back and adding Dunlap is going to push their D to merely "average", you may be experiencing schizophrenic symptomatology.

A better plan would have been to have retain Clowney and added at least one shutdown corner in FA.

Based on what I saw versus my Cards, their secondary is trash, D-line is trash and they're depending on Bobby Wagner to clean up all the mess left over.  It won't work against the Bills, Rams, Cards (anyone decent).


16 Um, Football Outsiders?

"If you think getting Adams back and adding Dunlap is going to push their D to merely "average", you may be experiencing schizophrenic symptomatology."

The personal attack, the strange use of scare quotes, these are not the seeds of good discussion. If your argument depends on saying another person's opinion depends on exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia, your argument is probably not valid. It certainly is abusive.

8 giod move by seahawks. not…

giod move by seahawks. not enoguh people realize hwo good c. dunlap has been due to crapppy Bengals even when made playoffs nto a tema with high q ratign. Dunlap considered or even on soem of my All-NFL teams

20 Those Packers...

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...have always been cheap.

Just imagine how many more SB wins Rodgers would have had if they'd spent more money on WR and better defense in FA, not to mention HC.

Seeing McCarthy in Dallas is like seeing an Alcoholic get his 3rd DUI when we already saw him get two prior and we're still made to believe that "he gets it" now.


21 To be fair

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It's only his second HC job. The NFL loves familiarity above almost everything else.


But hey it sounds like they're interested in a WR...that's not available lol maybe Houston gives in after some more Ws in their division/conference today since they don't play.