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Bucs and Falcons Unveil New Uniforms

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new uniforms today, and man do they look familiar.

The pewter jersey/red pants home look and all-white road uniforms are very similar to the Warren Sapp-era uniforms Tampa Bay wore when they won the Super Bowl in the 2002 season. There is also an all-pewter Color Rush option (which is oxymoronic, kinda) that has different pewter pants than the standard kit.

And yes, Tom Brady's jersey is available in all three styles at the Bucs' team store:

When Dave Bernreuther and I reviewed NFC South uniforms last year, he dubbed them the "Worst Uniform in all of Football." I wasn't a fan either. We both hated the alarm-clock look of the jersey numbers that made them very difficult to read. Just for the standard digits on the new threads, these are clearly a big improvement.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The Atlanta Falcons also unveiled new uniforms this week. You can find pictures of those here.

LATER WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The funny thing about the Falcons' uniform reveal is that this Tweet, which is still less than 24 hours old, announces that the uniforms would not be unveiled until April 14. However, leaks of the uniforms appeared online late last night, and apparently the team figured the cat (bird?) was out of the bag.

The black and white jerseys and pants are fairly simple and straightforward. The numbers are oversized with a drop-shadow instead of a border, the striping is simplistic and minimal, and there's a very large "ATL" below the collar. The red pants are new, but they follow the same design scheme.

The red jersey, though...

Yes, that is a gradient design that goes from red shoulders to black at the waistband. A first in the NFL.

There are subtle changes to the helmet:

This video shows the new uniforms in motion, as well as shots of the back of the jerseys:


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1 They don't suck

I felt the old scarlet and pewters were just about perfect, and there was no reason to change at all, particularly to the godawful alarm-clock-color-vomit abominations they've been wearing the last however many years. These? Love them, and the little orange stripe as a throwback to the Creamsicles is a genuinely nice and blessedly limited touch.

Very nice.

2 "there was no reason to…

In reply to by MilkmanDanimal

"there was no reason to change at all"

How are teams going to maintain revenues if people don't have a reason to buy new ones otherwise?   ;-)


16 Throwbacks

In reply to by MilkmanDanimal

The Packers and Steelers both marketed cringe-worthy throwback uniforms to a fan base that deserved better.


3 Whoever signed off on those…

Whoever signed off on those alarm clock unis was probably as high as a kite.

The new ones look good. What I don't like though is that the pants stripe on the home uniform has 3 colors, but on the pewter units are only 2 colors. They should've kept the same design.

4 Nike's Color Rush garbage…

Nike's Color Rush garbage seems to try to have some uniformity in design across all of them, apparently with the goal of "ugly monochrome"... I think they've eliminated colors for other teams too. Like I think the Ravens set didn't have any black either.

To me the whole Color Rush idea is stupid, so it's hard to get too upset about any sub-decisions made inside that broader decision.

It's also hard to get too upset about that one just because man, no matter what, it's a massive upgrade. They basically did exactly what I said they should've - go back to how it was, but if they want to keep the larger flag logo (which apparently shrunk a tiny bit to fit the new helmet styles) I wouldn't complain. I still prefer the old logo size too, but again, not going to complain here.

8 No one is upset here. I…

No one is upset here.

I think the color rush can work if they just keep the uniform designs as they are. Just mess with the colors. The color rush looks bad because they take away what makes the unis special, the striping and the details. It makes them all look like pajamas.

 The bucs could keep the same uni and go all red or all pewter. Just like I wouldnt mind if the steelers go all black for color rush but keep the original designs.


15 Nike apparently has a…

Nike apparently has a significant hand in the Oregon Ducks' perpetually horrendous uni's, too. Apparently, the youths eat that crap up. There's also a scene in one of the early seasons of Last Chance U where EMCC unveils new uniforms, these horrendously drab all-grey jobs, and the kids on the team just go nuts over them. Cue Principal Skinner. But I'll just have to concede that they know what they're doing with these designs, vis a vis getting the attention of impressionable youngsters and making a lot of money.

5 It appears that with the…

It appears that with the title of "Worst Uniform in all of Football" up for grabs again, the Falcons have decided they want to contend:


Man, it's really hard to screw up a theme when your logo is that awesome and your colors are red and black... But wow. These suck. And there are seven combinations of them:

(link to all the hideousness)

10 The funniest part about the…

The funniest part about the Falcons' unveiling is that they put their classic throwback uniform - which does not even appear to have changed!!! - right alongside the new set, helping create more contrast and highlighting just how terrible the new uniforms look.

In 5 years the Falcons are going to be right where the Buccaneers and (rumored) Browns are this offseason - unveiling a back-to-basics look right after the minimum amount of time passes before the NFL allows teams to make a change.

11 The Deion Sanders/Andre…

The Deion Sanders/Andre Rison era unis are among my favorite in NFL history.  I don’t care that I sound like a cranky old man when I say that they should go back to them and stay there.

14 I don't actually hate the…

I don't actually hate the new Atlanta unis. Didn't love the previous ones, and I feel the home and away kits are more or less on a par (if not a little generic / anonymous). I might not even hate the two-tone jersey if only they had matched it with red socks.