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How Brennan Marion's GoGo Offense is Changing Football

Great article here by Steven Ruiz at For The Win on the GoGo offense of Brennan Marion. Marion himself describes the GoGo as "a pro-style, triple-option offense. ... A true West Coast passing game, a triple-option run game, and the up-tempo principles of [Auburn head coach Gus] Malzahn." Currently the wide receivers coach at Hawaii (which will not play football this season), Marion put the GoGo together in prior stints as offensive coordinator at Howard and William & Mary. As Ruiz shows, some of Marion's concepts have been used successfully by Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma, and also by Kliff Kingsbury and Bill Belichick in the NFL.

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1 This offense

Seriously good read! This offense has a lot different concepts and formations that lots of players and coaches will have never seen.

One great paraphrased quote from the article: "When defenders are multiple players moving pre- and post-snap, and then one running right at them, it gets them thinking instead of reacting."


2  The formation was…

 The formation was unbalanced with no eligible receiver aligned to the right side of the offensive line.

Impossible. The line must have at least seven players, and the rightmost is eligible, even if he is the center.

They may have to declare due to uniform number, but they are eligible by alignment.


That doubled 20 look is something Rodriguez used to run at West Virginia with Slaton and Schmidt. He usually used an X on that side instead of empty, but the concept is similar. They also ran spread triple-option from it. VT adopted a big nickel with some Bear looks to counter it.

6 Aaron is correct.  The…

Aaron is correct.  The rightmost player on the line of scrimmage is eligible (as is the leftmost).  I don't know college rules as well as I do NFL, so I'm not sure if he has to "announce" himself if he has an ineligible jersey number or if jersey numbers even matter.  For what it is worth, he is clearly smaller than the other four lineman, and appears to have a jersey number in the thirties.  Hard to tell.  The wide split, I would think, is because he is a fullback lining up as tackle eligible - not an actual tackle - providing several options in utilization.  Don't know.  Haven't studied the offense. Would love to see more video with commentary from a more -- well, technical rather than story-telling perspective.

7 In NCAA players with an…

In NCAA players with an ineligible number (50s, 60s, 70s) have to declare when lining up eligible.

If he is wearing 30 and lines up eligible then theres nothing to declare, normal play.

8 I think the NCAA also…

I'm not sure if the NCAA has the declared-ineligible rule the NFL has. It might just be a blanket ban on positionally-covered linemen with the wrong uniform number.

The NCAA does require five linemen with numbers between 50-79. It seems you can have a covered lineman who does not have this number, but then you need a 6+ lineman formation.

5 Great read!

Rooting for this coach.  Hope he gets some big-time opportunities.