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Injury Aftermath: Week 3

San Francisco 49ers CB Emmanuel Moseley
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

During the 2020 season, injured reserve only requires that a player miss a minimum of three weeks, so teams will use that list more freely than in previous seasons. We will therefore distinguish between players placed on injured reserve (IR) and players who we expect to miss the rest of the season (Season).

Bears Halfback Tarik Cohen -- Knee (Season)

Various outlets report that the Bears believe halfback Tarik Cohen tore his ACL against the Falcons, joining a long list of players already lost for the year with ACL injuries. Cohen will have scans taken on his knee today, but those are usually just to confirm the diagnosis and check for additional knee damage. He will require surgery and a lengthy rehab, but he should be ready in time for the start of the 2021 season.

Broncos Defensive Lineman Jurrell Casey -- Bicep (Season)

Having already lost Von Miller and Courtland Sutton for the season, the Broncos will now be without recently acquired former Pro Bowl defensive lineman Jurrell Casey after Casey injured his bicep against the Buccaneers. Bicep injuries of any significance are almost inevitably season-ending; approximately 80% of defensive linemen to sustain such an injury miss the remainder of the season, and the other 20% usually have very mild strains that clear off the injury report in a week. Casey should be healthy well in time for the offseason program, but he will not play again in 2020.

Washington Defensive Lineman Matt Ioannidis -- Bicep (Season)

D.C. radio reporter Kevin Sheehan (theteam980.com) reports today that Matt Ioannidis will also miss the rest of the season with a torn biceps, a report since confirmed by other outlets. As with Casey, above, Ioannidis should be ready in time for the 2021 offseason program, but he will not play again this year.

The good news, however, is that top draft pick and star pass-rusher Chase Young's groin injury is believed to be minor, and he is not expected to miss any games.

Colts Receiver Michael Pittman -- Leg (IR)

Ian Rapoport reports this afternoon that Michael Pittman had surgery last night to relieve a case of compartment syndrome in his lower leg. This worrisome condition sounds innocuous, but it is a true medical emergency due to the potential for permanent nerve, muscle, or organ damage, and even in some cases death. It typically occurs in sportspeople as a result of impact trauma, which causes compartmentalized bleeding under the surface of the skin. Surgery involves opening an incision to relieve the pressure and allow the trapped blood to escape. Pittman had surgery last night, and he is expected to be out until at least Week 8.

Eagles Tight End Dallas Goedert -- Ankle (IR)

The Eagles expect both tight end Dallas Goedert and cornerback Avonte Maddox to miss time with the injuries they suffered against the Bengals. Goedert's injury has been widely reported as a high ankle sprain, which is typically bad news for tight ends: the average tight end misses at least four weeks on suffering a high ankle sprain, and around 40% miss eight or more weeks. Those figures are no doubt impacted by the usual eight-week minimum for a player to return from injured reserve, which does not apply this season, but Goedert is still likely to miss at least a month with his injury. He is a likely candidate for injured reserve.

Though the exact injury has not been specified, it sounds as though Avonte Maddox may have a similar injury and a similar return timetable. Defensive backs typically make it back onto the field a little more quickly than tight ends -- half of defensive backs return within three weeks, versus four for tight ends, and only around a third miss four or more weeks. Even so, a team that can ill afford further injuries is likely to miss Maddox for at least two weeks and possibly longer.

Receiver DeSean Jackson had further scans today on his persistent hamstring injury, though the team believes it to be a minor strain. Given Jackson's age and history of hamstring trouble, however, he is more likely to miss time than others with a similar injury. Offensive tackle Jason Peters should be fit to play in Week 4.

Saints Guard Andrus Peat -- Ankle (IR)

The Saints believe that Andrus Peat has a high ankle sprain, though Peat will have more tests on the injury today. If confirmed, such an injury usually means at least two weeks out for an offensive lineman, and around 40% of those players miss four or more weeks. That makes Peat a candidate for injured reserve, though the Saints should expect to have him back in mid- to late October.


The following players left their respective games with concussion symptoms and enter the league protocol:

  • 49ers defensive back Emmanuel Moseley
  • Falcons receiver Russell Gage
  • Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson

Based on our current data, a growing majority of players now miss at least one game following a diagnosed concussion, but around 80% return within two weeks.

Other Injuries

49ers tight end Jordan Reed injured his ankle against the Giants, but the injury appears to be a standard low ankle sprain and he has a chance to be available in Week 4. Only 40% of low ankle sprains cause missed time, and over 75% of players return within two weeks.

Browns kick returner JoJo Natson tore his ACL against Washington and will miss the rest of the season. Cornerback Denzel Ward injured his groin. Around 50% of groin injuries cause defensive backs to miss at least one game, but over 75% of players return within two weeks. Cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting also injured his hamstring, and the numbers are marginally worse for defensive backs: two-thirds of defensive backs miss at least one game, but a shade under 75% return within two weeks.

Buccaneers receiver Chris Godwin did not return after injuring his hamstring against the Broncos. Around half of hamstring injuries cause receivers to miss at least one game, but 75% return within two weeks.

Chargers receiver Mike Williams also injured his hamstring, and his prognosis is the same as Godwin's.

Giants safety Jabrill Peppers injured his ankle against the 49ers, but reports today suggest that the injury is a standard low ankle sprain rather than the more severe high-ankle variety. That could still mean a game or two off, but 60% of defensive backs with low ankle sprains do not miss a game and over 75% return within two weeks.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed that safety Jamal Adams strained his groin against the Cowboys. Around half of groin strains to defensive backs result in at least a one-game absence, but 75% of those players return within two weeks. Halfback Chris Carson is expected to miss a week or two with the mild knee sprain suffered on a dirty play by Cowboys defensive lineman Trysten Hill. Reports suggest that the league is likely to fine Hill for the play, but that he is unlikely to be suspended. The Seahawks are optimistic that Carson will recover quickly, but he is widely expected to miss at least one game. Linebacker Jordyn Brooks expects to miss a couple of weeks with an MCL sprain. Offensive linemen Mike Iupati and Ethan Pocic also have knee ailments, but no update is yet available for either player. Guard Damien Lewis sprained his ankle, but the injury is a low ankle sprain rather than a high ankle sprain. He may be available in Week 4 against the Dolphins.

Steelers fullback Derek Watt will miss a couple of games with a Grade II hamstring strain. Most such strains keep players out for two to four weeks, so Watt may be a candidate for a very temporary stint on injured reserve.


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1 trysten scrofulous hill

also hit helmet-to-helmet (uncalled); again, looked like it was deliberate (though my telepathy is not 100% accurate). I wish he would get suspended; a fine I would think he would shrug off and do it again and again.

My new unfavorite player.

2 I actually checked if that…

I actually checked if that was his middle name, though to be fair I didn't know that it was a real word, just that it looked unpleasant. You have players called Barkevious, so Scrofulous seemed at least plausible.

3 grrr

I hate hitting the wrong reply button.

8 One more

Titans LT Taylor Lewan missed most of Sunday's game against the Vikings after suffering a shoulder injury. Mike Vrabel did not provide any update on his status in Monday's press conference, and I haven't seen any media reports on the severity. Could be ready for Week 3 against the Steelers, could be out for a while.

9 Jordan Reed

It was more than an ankle. Sprained knee and he will go on IR, expected back i 6-8 weeks.

12 I've just seen that. I'm…

In reply to by Box

I've just seen that. I'm wondering if that happened on a different play to the ankle injury, because apparently he tried to return before leaving again, and most players wouldn't be able to do that with a knee sprain of any significance.


Guess it's Ross Dwelley time.

13 Maybe but don´t think so as…

Maybe but don´t think so as he was grabbing both ankle and knee at the end of that play. Rolling your ankle hurt a lot but I´ve seen soccer players keep on playing for quite a long time with a busted ACL/MCLs.

10 Goedert

Apparently Goedert's injury also includes bone fracture.  I assume that pushes it well past the 4 week minimum mentioned above.

11 It's really hard to tell,…

In reply to by NoraDaddy

It's really hard to tell, because most leg fractures are season-ending (well over 66%) but it sounds like Goedert's isn't. (I need to count leg fractures not ankle fractures, because ankles are typically fracture/dislocation, and those are almost all season-enders.) It sounds like 6-8 weeks is realistic, which is still within the usual timetable for a high-ankle sprain. It all depends on the severity of the fracture.

14 Allen Lazard is out indefinitely

Not sure how it happened, but he had surgery on a "core muscle" so he's out. Adams may not be back for Atlanta either. Glad it's Atlanta's D, but that's a big ouch.