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It's Pass-Rusher Signing Season: Chris Jones, Myles Garrett

It's time for some of those men on the franchise tag to sign last-minute long-term contracts, and we'll start with Kansas City's great defensive tackle Chris Jones. Jones has agreed to a four-year, $80-million contract that includes $37 million at signing and $60 million guaranteed for injury. Jones had 9 sacks and 35 hurries last season despite missing three games, and played a key role in the defense that kept the 49ers down in the second half of the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory in February.

UPDATE: Now the Browns are "finalizing" (so it's not yet official) a 5-year, $125-million contract with Myles Garrett that will make him the top defensive player in the league in average annual salary. This is not a deal for a player on the franchise tag, Garrett still has two years left on his rookie contract so this is a deal through 2026.

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1 Jones is good, but like many…

Jones is good, but like many of this year's franchised players, I am skeptical he is going to be worth the money.
I think franchise tags and contacts have come to rely on 10mil/year cap growth, and I think that with covid the league will be extremely lucky to have the cap stay even over those years.  ~5% of the cap seems too much for a player of Jones talent.

8 You may be right...

I can see your point, even as a huge Chiefs fan. However, I also read that when he missed several games last year. the team gave up 6+ more points than when he was in the lineup. I know that is a small sample size, but then you look at how he played in the Super Bowl and he may be worth big money. Only Aaron Donald and another player have had more sacks as an interior lineman over the last 4 years than Jones. With Frank Clark on the edge, these guys may be tearing up the AFC West for a good long while. 

2 Myles Garrett reportedly…

Myles Garrett reportedly gets 5yrs $125mm, as well!

$100mm guaranteed, $50mm guaranteed at signing per Rapaport. 

4 He could realistically…

He could realistically retire in time for many players to stay/keep ahead in cumulative earnings.

Many people have predicted the same "lots of interests outside of football"/potential early retirement vibe that they saw in Luck.

5 Ah, that will be interesting…

Ah, that will be interesting to watch. Mack is right there too, Donald in theory could be but I think he has been hurt just enough by being labeled as an interior lineman and "only" being drafted 13th.

I also wonder if you were to adjust in % of cap terms if Suh might not have a pretty damn good chance of coming out as the all-time winner.

7 What did the PFF run D…

What did the PFF run D ranking, which is premium, say? I know they had Calias, ADonald, C.Heyward , V.Miller, C.Dunlap as their top 5.

I still blame the LBs/S's, who are largely replaced, as well as the still-unemployed Wilks's scheme, for the poor run D. Sheldon Richardson was also a big disappointment...

9 After this contract,…

After this contract, assuming the nfl agreed to no salary cap change next year (which is a great case scenario), KC will have no cap space and 10 starters departing (from 2019).  Reid is going to really need to be coaching up rookies.