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L.A. Rams Reveal New Colors, Logo

The Los Angeles rams have revealed their new colors and logo as they move into SoFi Stadium when the season (hopefully) starts this fall.

Chris Creamer of SportsLogos.net did us the favor of cataloguing all the new images in one Tweet:

The Rams themselves shared the specific color codes for their new shades of blue and yellow -- excuse me, "Rams Royal" and "Sol":

And Paul Lukas of UniWatch put up a comparison image showing how these colors are brighter than their old ones:

The Rams will reveal new uniforms at a later date. The Falcons, Browns, and Buccaneers will also be revealing new uniforms in what is going to be a very busy offseason on the NFL's fashion front.


6 comments, Last at 25 Mar 2020, 10:53pm

1 The typeface feels very…

The typeface feels very 1990s-NBC.

2 The logo reminds me of MLS…

The logo reminds me of MLS or the XFL. Maybe I'll get used to it. But it's like reading Los Angeles Chargers or Las Vegas Raiders. It just doesn't feel right. But if they were going to change it, I'd prefer a clean break to a new color scheme rather than boring variants off the same palette.

3 I saw these a few weeks ago…

I saw these a few weeks ago on Twitter and people were commenting that the one in top left could easily stand for LA Chargers. It's a lightning bolt merged with a C.

4 https://fark-usrimg-850.nyc3…


This one is spot on.

6 Rams new look

Ugly ugly ugly. Go back to the old logo please. Classic logos should not be messed with.