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Miami Trades for RB M.Breida

Miami's running back depth chart was so barren last season that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick led the team in rushing with a mere 243 yards. The Dolphins filled that hole on their roster on Saturday, trading for San Francisco's Matt Breida in exchange for a fifth-round pick. 

Breida has struggled with consistency in his career, falling outside the top 20 in rushing DVOA in either of the past two seasons. But he is undeniably explosive -- among active running backs with at least 300 carries, only Nick Chubb and Aaron Jones have averaged more yards per carry


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1 Breida

if it were me, I'd start the guy until he sucks or gets injured.  I'd have a good plan B though.

2 Breida hasn't been…

Breida hasn't been inconsistent, though. He's been VERY good in the first half of games, bad in the third quarter, and atrocious in the fourth.

I haven't watched much 49'ers (regular season) football, so I don't know if there is a reason for this, but the pattern is very obvious when you look at his raw numbers. Just plugging in his numbers as returned by Pro Football Reference's "Game Play Finder", these are the average changes in expected points from each play (negative bad, positive good) by quarter:

Q1: 0.11

Q2: 0.12

Q3: -0.11

Q4: -0.29