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NE Releasing K S.Gostkowski

The New England Patriots have informed placekicker Stephen Gostkowski that he will be released. 

Gostkowski, a fourth-round draft choice in 2006, is the team's all-time leader in field goals, extra points, and total points. He also dominates their single-season records in both categories. However, he was limited to only four games in 2019 due to a hip injury.

ESPN's Mike Reiss says Gostkowski was scheduled to count $4.8 million on the salary cap this year. He also points out that with Gostkowski and Tom Brady moving on, special teams ace Matthew Slater is left as the team's longest-tenured player


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6 He's the record holder for…

He's the record holder for most XPs in a row - something like 450. That's never going to be broken without a rule change.

After the rule change he missed two or three per year which seems a little high for equiv of a 32yd FG. I'm sure one of those was critical in a playoff game. Four missed last year in 15 attempts.

Bill expects better.

13 Belichick didn't see the…

Belichick didn't see the point in risking injury on what he called a "non-competitive play", and I think this was before Gronk broke his arm blocking on a PAT.  I don't remember if he specifically endorsed any kind of solution.  I do remember there was talk of assuming the extra point conversion, and to only line up if the team wanted to go for two.

11 It's a quote from Tacitus's…

It's a quote from Tacitus's Annals, lamenting how the Roman Empire went astray because nobody remained who could remember and preserve the effective institutions created during the Roman Republic. So I guess the relevance here is that there will soon be very few players left on the Patriots from their title-winning seasons. Seems a little premature to me but I'm sure we'll find out faster than Tacitus did.

17 I think the answer would be…

I think the answer would be an overwhelming yes.  A 14-year contributor and top-of-the-league performance for many of those years is absolutely worthy of a fourth-rounder.  Especially when you see so many teams (including the Patriots last season) scrambling week-to-week to find a trustworthy kicking option.