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NFL Announces 2010s All-Decade Team

The NFL and Pro Football Hall of Fame officially announced the 2010s All-Decade Team, chosen by the Pro Football Hall of Fame's selection committee. Eight players were unanimously voted to the squad: Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, Von Miller, Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas, J.J. Watt, Marshal Yanda, and Justin Tucker. Darren Sproles becomes the fourth player to ever be on an all-decade team at two positions: "Flex" and punt returner.

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1 While I find these lists…

While I find these lists pretty silly, the idea of having 2 qb, 4 rb and 4wr is completely divorced from NFL value. It's also somewhat hilarious the offensive flex went to a rb.

Choosing Rodgers instead of Wilson or Brees seems wrong.

Feels weird that Megatron gets all decade playing only 6 years.

Feels very weird to have Kelce over gates.

Khalil Mack had only 5 great years, not sure I'd have had him on my team.

The cb logic is also strange to me, and I'd have gone with someone other than revis - he was iconic in two years of the decade, but his impact was hit and miss especially compared to Peterson and Sherman

5 Revis

The only argument against Revis is that his best season was 2009.  

I'd take Revis over Sherman or Peterson or any other CB of the past decade in a heartbeat.  Sherman played his side and didn't shut a WR down the way Revis did.  

Yes, Revis's peak ended early, but it was much higher.  

22 Sherman v. Reavis

In reply to by RickD

I've been thinking about this lately.  Isn't it more valuable to a defense, and disruptive to an offense, to shut down an entire side of the field rather than shut down the offense's best receiver?  It cuts down the options for the offense in a manner I'd think it would be hard to cope with.  Also, if an offense has two relatively strong receivers (e.g., Tampa Bay last year, the Vikings when Diggs and Thielen were healthy, many other examples), shutting down #1A still leaves #1B to terrorize the defense.  Not that Reavis wasn't great in his heyday, but Sherman erasing a side of the field is pretty amazing when you think about it.

28 I think your argument…

In reply to by Stendhal1

I think your argument overstates Sherman's impact and understates Revis'. 

At best, in a cover 3, Sherman is eliminating a third of the field.

As for Revis', there are ripple effects. Send him to lock down one receiver and then flood your coverage against the other dangerous receiver.  


Between which is better, I think it really depends on your defense and the opposing offense. If they are slot heavy or feature one really strong reveiver, you might prefer Revis' especially if your coverage lbs are poor. Otho if your defense is sound and the opposing team has multiple outside receivers, you'd prefer Sherman because nothing about the structure of your defense need change.


7 I don't know. I think these…

I don't know. I think these are all pretty solid picks. Megatron/Mack only having 6/5 years isn't that uncommon for all-decade teams. Demarcus Ware, Terrell Davis, Tony Boselli, Warren Sapp, Jerry Rice, Reggie White, Bruce Smith only played 5 years. Gary Zimmerman only played 4.

Brees instead of Rodgers is arguable, but I think it's also a little recency bias. Rodgers was unquestionably the #1 qb from 2011-2016, and has tapered off a bit the past few years. About the same time this tapering started is when the Saints started winning again. Rodgers also has almost twice as many playoff games this decade (including a super bowl win), 2 MVPs, and 2 all-pros.

I personally think Wilson is a stronger argument than Brees. He's obviously not the stat monster Brees is, but he's consistently dragged his team to many many wins. Why I'd still stick with Rodgers, though, is because I feel like it took him a few years to get to this point, and his first few years, while still pretty good, are held up by his defense. I don't remember if it's Chase Stuart or Brad Oremland who makes the mid-decade teams, but I feel like Wilson will be on the 2015-2025 team.

I think Megatron is absolutely all-decade. The only person I could see ahead of him is Hopkins, but just looking at traditional stats, Calvin has him crushed. He played 20 fewer games than Hopkins, and yet has only 54 fewer yards and 8 more touchdowns. He also has 94 fewer receptions, but I think that's just a result of 20 fewer games. Give him 20 more games and he'd match Hopkins there. All this not to mention his record-breaking year, as well.

Taking Gates over Kelce means taking two guys whose primary purpose is to catch passes and not so much block, and taking a guy who averaged about 625 yards per season over a guy who averaged 1,080 and could have a couple more all-pros if it wasn't for Gronk. This isn't even a question.

My only question for Mack, is who would you take instead of him? The only one I can think of is Suggs. While Suggs is obviously great, Mack's just dominated since he came into the league.

Same goes for Revis. The only player in his ballpark, IMO, is Aqib Talib. I think each of them have the same number of good years, but Revis' good years were better than Talib's.

8 "I personally think Wilson…

"I personally think Wilson is a stronger argument than Brees. He's obviously not the stat monster Brees is, but he's consistently dragged his team to many many wins."


Where is this impression coming from? Hasn't Seattle been a defense led team for years? Since he's been the primary starter, the Seahawks defense has been ranked 2nd, 1st, 1st, 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th, and 18th. 

That reaction seems entirely based on recency, and even then, they never sank to the dark ages the way NO's defenses did.


In any event, I'm not here to hate on Russel Wilson. I think he's the 2nd best qb in the nfl and a likely hall of famer, but he's not an all time great qb the way Brees has been imo. I think he's more in the Roethlisberger tier of hall of fame qbs. 


12 I think it was some…

I think it was some combination of misremembering things and just going off of feel. For some reason I think I took the defense not doing as well as their peak and internalized it as it being outright bad. I thought that since around 2016 or so the Seahawks have been beating their over/under for years, but it's only been the past 2 that they've done that. Maybe it was just the awful O-line he had to deal with. Could've been any of these. I could've also just been wrong :)

26 Both Rodgers and Brees are…

Both Rodgers and Brees are well-ahead of Wilson. Indeed, so is Matt Ryan. Wilson is more comparable to Rivers or Newton.

Brees has slightly better counting stats, but played in better conditions (and with a more profound home/road split). He has more Pro Bowls (9-7), but fewer All-Pros (0-2) and MVPs (0-2). Hell, Brees is 3rd in his division in terms of All-Pros (Newton and Ryan both have one).

In the TEs race, 2nd isn't between Gates and Kelce, it's between Kelce and Graham.

This group is basically Gronk, then Kelce, then Graham, then a fungible group of Gates/Olsen/Witten/Ertz/Cook/Gonzalez, which I would probably put Ertz atop.

Gonzalez has a better all-decade claim than Gates -- 4 PBs in 4 seasons and an all-pro, versus 2 in 9, and none.


Last linebacker is basically a competition between Mack and Bowman. Mack has better efficiency stats.


27 Agreed on the Kelce vs…

Agreed on the Kelce vs. Graham point.  I looked at pfr stats too. Between the two, it really comes down to whether you value total vs. rate numbers, and, to a lesser extent, yards and catches vs. TDs.  Since Graham played all 10 years of the decade, his totals beat Kelce with just 7 seasons - Kelce wins in a per year comparison.  But on a per game basis, Kelce has the edge in receptions (5.3 to 4.2) and yards (67.3 to 51.5) while Graham does in TDs (0.48 to 0.39).  Kelce has a better yards per catch (12.8 to 12.1) and yards per target (9.0 to 7.8). 

A note on the TDs:  Graham has essentially played with 3 likely HoF QBs and averaged 7.4 TD/yr with them.  Kelce posted under 6/season with Smith and 8/yr with Mahomes.

Gates is a HoF tight end but his better years came mostly in the previous decade.  He's probably the 5th or 6th best TE from 2010-2019.

2 Pleased with Seahawks Contribution

Nice to see representation from the Hawks. I bit surprised (and frankly disappointed) that Kam Chancellor did not make the cut. Glad to see Pete Carrol received recognition of this success, albeit forever shadowed by Super Bowl XLIX.

3 I am mostly ok with this…

I am mostly ok with this list. No super glaring omission stands out.

I might choose Brees over Rodgers, but frankly Rodgers' peak during the decade was so superlative that it feels more glaring to leave him off.

I might have opted for Gerald McCoy over Suh.

Devin McCourty should have made it over Weddle. He definitely deserves it over Tyrann Mathieu. 

If not Devin McCourty, then Harrison Smith should have made it over Weddle. He definitely deserves it over Tyrann Mathieu. 

I really wanted Justin Smith on this team but I don't think he played long enough into the decade.

As others pointed out, Revis was dominant but not for long enough in the decade.  I might have preferred someone like Aquib Talib. 

I am thrilled to see Sproles get the flex position. One of my crazy out of left field belief - Darren Sproles is the scariest running back of the decade and I would fear him over any other. He was just such a pain in the ass to defend.  



6 The whole linebacker system…

The whole linebacker system is a travesty and its an easy fix. Simply label people as edge defenders or not. It would also consolidate the 3-4 ends with the 4-3 defensive tackles. 


I think Lavonte David definitely deserved to be on the all decade team and was basically ignored. 


13 Lavonte David definitely…

Lavonte David definitely deserves to be in.

I'd happily put Von Miller up as an OLB. He has shown some good coverage (interception vs Brady in Conference Championship and at least one coverage downfield in SB50). yes he is so good at pass rushing with his ridiculously quick first step, but he is a good run defender and perfectly adequate coverage player too and not just a DE lining up a bit wide. 

I suspect a lot of this is with increased nickel and dime play the players who can rush really well and cover adequately (as much through pure athletic ability perhaps as coverage skills) are moved up to nickel/dime end a lot more (as much because they are faster and better able to chase down screens then the pure DEs) and so cover less and less often.


29 Well . . .

Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy very well might have made it if they haven't spent their careers in the garbage fire that the Bucs organization was for the 2010s.  David made first-team All-Pro without making the Pro Bowl, which is pretty much a perfect encapsulation of being great and ignored at the same time.

30 McCoy's problem is his best…

In reply to by MilkmanDanimal

McCoy's problem is his best comp is Suh. Suh replaced McCoy in 2019, and had a better season on basically the same team.

9 How did Hester make it as a…

How did Hester make it as a kick returner rather than as a punt returner? Is committee drunk? He had 1 kick return touchdown this decade vs. 7 punt return TDs. He led the NFL in yards per punt return and was like 20th on yards per kick return (depending on the cutoff).

11 Baltimore didn't have a…

Baltimore didn't have a single player on the defensive side, despite averaging a DVOA rank of 7.7 on defense over the decade, with only two finishes outside the top 10. Despite that, the only player I could really see getting picked would be Suggs. I'm not sure who I'd pick him over out of the actual selections, though. Maybe Peppers, who had much more of an impact in the previous decade. Or Chandler Jones, who has excellent sack numbers but has mostly plied his trade for blah defenses, outside of his first two years with the Cardinals.

14 Suggs seems fairly…

Suggs seems fairly unfortunate, he's been a good player for a long time on good defenses. But there is a lot of talent at edge defender producing a lot of good stats, I can't think of anyone to obviously drop, for him, maybe Mack? Of course if you don't pick Mack for this decade he might not play at high enough level for enough of the next decade and he probably deserves to be on one of these teams sometime too. Glad I don't have to pick these things.

16 The players who made Bryan's…

The players who made Bryan's first team and are missing from the official team:

FB Kyle Juszczyk (NFL didn't include a fullback)
LG Evan Mathis
RT Mitchell Schwartz (NFL didn't separate LT & RT)
NT Damon Harrison (NFL didn't include a separate NT)
OLB Lavonte David (NFL didn't separate off-ball OLB from EDGE)
OLB Thomas Davis (NFL didn't separate off-ball OLB from EDGE)
SS Kam Chancellor
PR Devin Hester (NFL included him as a KR)
ST Matthew Slater (NFL didn't include a special teamer)

19 Evan Mathis was a terrific…

Evan Mathis was a terrific guard but by 2015 he was seriously washed up and played huge snaps for a bad offense(that ironically won the sb that year). I don't think his omission needs to be justified.


The only other name that didnt synch due to designation differences was Kam. I am staunchly pro Kam but his career is quite short that I think it becomes a preference for peak vs longevity. 

17 Players who made the…

Players who made the official team and didn't make Bryan's first, second, or third team:

RB Frank Gore (Bryan only included 3 total RBs instead of 4)
FLEX Darren Sproles (Bryan didn't include a FLEX offense spot)
OT Joe Staley (Bryan included only 3 LTs instead of 4)
OG Jahri Evans
C Maurkice Pouncey
DE Cameron Jordan (Bryan included only 6 EDGE instead of 7)
DE Julius Peppers
LB Chandler Jones
P Shane Lechler
PR Tyreek Hill
KR Devin Hester (Bryan included him as a PR)

21 Can't argue with their picks.

Comparing QBs for the decade using Pro-Football-Reference, Rodgers is 1st in the NFC and Wilson is 2nd. Comparing Kam Chancellor to Eric Berry or Eric Weddle and they are both better than Kam.

23 I did this in October,…

I did this in October, looking on how they chosed in the previous editions (= normally > half of the decade, AllPro trumps all but winZ are fine)
My estimate was:

QB: TB (1st) and AR (2nd)
RB: Peterson, McCoy and Lynch, Charles (Gore has ZERO All-Pro, I had Gurley before him)
WR: Julio, Megatron and AB84, Hopkins (Fitz has only one AP, and I had him in FLEX 2nd team)
TE: Gronk and Kelce
FLEX: LeVeon Bell and Fitz (I picked for 2 teams)
OT: Thomas, Smith and Whitworth, Peters (Staley has no AP1 but 3 AP2, against 1-2 for Whitworth, which is also no.1 in AV for tackles in the decade... but it is a selections I could live on)
OG: Evans, Yanda and DeCastro, Martin (Mankins in 3rd team, because of one less AP1 in the decade and too few years. But same as Staley I guess).
C: Pouncey and Kalil (again, Mack has no AP1, ma same as Staley-Mankins. I even had Frederick as the 3rd choice).

DE: Watt, Wake and Calais, Jordan (Peppers less than half of the decade)
DT: Donald, Suh and Atkins, Ngata (Cox was 6th behind McCoy)
LB: Miller, Mack, Kuechly and Matthews, Bowman, Wagner. (Bowman has 4 AP1! Willis was 1st man out, Jones I did not have this year AP1 in the count, but he could have improve the ranking in the DE)
CB: Revis, Sherman and Harris, Talib (Peterson in the DB 1st team section for me)
DB: Peterson and Woodson (Mathieu was missing this year AP1 in my count)
S: Thomas, Weddle and Berry, Polamalu

K: Tucker and Gost
P: Hekker and Lechler

KR: Cordarrelle and Jacoby Jones
PR: Hester and Sproles (Hill could have improved after 2019)

24 You got a typo in the…

You got a typo in the opening paragraph saying it's the 2000 team not the 2010 team.
Time flies.

25 I was surprised Gronk wasn't…

I was surprised Gronk wasn't a unanimous choice and yet Adrian Peterson was. But I suppose the TE vote was split with others like Gates Witten, Olsen. Whereas there have been few standout RBs with longevity in the 2010s.

Problem with All-Decade teams is the players who get drafted in the middle of them and finish in the middle of the next one which I suspect is part of why AP is on this list (see also Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis). In the last six years AP's played for four teams and run for 4,000yds - that doesn't shout All-Decade to me. Obviously his 2012 season is one of the greats and he then got derailed by the season's suspension. Certainly HoFer but not sure about All-Decade 2010s.

31 Best play from every player

The "best play from every player" video was sometimes silly (lots of pancake blocks for o-linemen), but overall a surprising amount of fun. It made me think things like: Man, I forgot how good Larry Fitzgerald was! And, I'm sure JJ Watt made better plays in his career, but that INT was sick! And, never mind that INT, look at Patrick Peterson's!