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NFL to Conduct 2020 Draft from Home

It's official: the NFL will conduct the 2020 draft from home. From everybody's homes. Since many teams are no longer allowed to use their team facilities due to shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders, all teams will be barred from using their team facilities. Team decisionmakers will need to communicate with each other via phone or Internet, and the draft will be conducted in a "fully virtual format."

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1 Seems best option under bad circumstances

Seeing as it _can_ be done like this, I think it is probably for the best to do the draft like this. Not just for the league but it will also give a bit of something approaching normalcy going on and us all something to think about other than worrying about the plague.

Making everyone have to do things under the same restrictions seems both fair and sensible, far more sensible than relying on Owners and Head Coaches to make epidemiologically sensible decisions outside their expertise when they think doing something else might give them a competitive edge...

2 It's absurd they took this…

It's absurd they took this long to officially decide. It was clear 2-3 weeks ago that having 32 teams all meet in the same place was a terrible idea.

4 I presume Roger will be in…

I presume Roger will be in his mansion announcing the picks from his sofa. Will be interesting to see whether he goes for a formal look or informal.

Day 2&3 usually have celebrity announcers so wonder what they'll do there.


Just hoping for sake of Broncos fans that Elway doesn't try to fax his picks in.

5 From memory the fax snafu…

From memory the fax snafu was at Dumervil’s end (or more properly his agent’s) not the Broncos. Whether his agent (And perhaps Dumervil himself) made more money by having a fax ‘problem’ and then getting his cut of the new deal with the Ravens is left to the imagination and your view of any particular agent and their ethics...

Does anyone know if the NFL still uses faxes due to the formal signature they can send? They are still popular in Japan for that reason.

7 Timing of picks

I am interested to see if they will allow a little more time for picks--just to be able to communicate things to everybody.

Communication-wise, I would think that they need a WebEx or other type group video chat software to verbally confirm to Goodell/other league official that "Team X is officially selecting Player Y from University Z." Then I would think they need something like a group chat JUST for announcing the selections/trades, which media outlets could also observe in real time so they can announce/post it. Lastly, I have to believe that each team will have multiple cell/land lines for communicating with each other regarding trade possibilities too. (Don't forget your chargers, guys!)

IMO, this is draft is going to be part 21st century, and part 20th century--for this reason, I think that extra time will be needed for each pick--say 1-2 minutes per pick. The coverage will be intense because "LIVE SPORTS!!!", but it will be somewhat boring--simply because there will be no formal announcements to watch, nor live fan reaction. Just a studio host announcing picks, and then cut to a pre-packaged video of the prospect. No popular team athlete pick announcements with their speeches, no green room, no family/prospect reactions, no comments on their choice of clothing, no remote camera at a potential draft pick's party to get their reaction, etc. I have no personal opinion on Kiper, McShay, et al., but either their face and voice are going to fill more time than usual, or there's going to be a lot of commercials.

8 One good thing about this;…

One good thing about this; no draft pick will have to suffer being in the green room for a long time while they aren't drafted.

9 Apparently they'll be having…

Apparently they'll be having a mock draft prior to the main event to allow everybody to practice.

Nonetheless you have to suspect this is where teams like New England, PIttsburgh, Baltimore, Seattle, Green Bay may eke out a small advantage through their longterm continuity and organisation. Everybody knowing their role and "doing their job".

And then I dread to think what it may be like in Cleveland ...

10 I dunno...

Since Browns GM Sonny Weaver is shacking up with the capologist, he'll have an advantage of her expertise in drafting from home/

13 Hmmm ...  I'm going to bite…

In reply to by Stendhal1

Hmmm ...  I'm going to bite on that one.

Aren't all rookie salaries slotted and who you pick isn't relevant to getting under the cap?