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Panthers Cut Cam Newton

Carolina will cut quarterback Cam Newton today. The 2011 No. 1 overall pick is coming off a Lis Franc foot injury, and teams can't bring him in for a workout or physical due to coronavirus limits. The Panthers apparently tried to trade him to the Bears or Chargers but got no takers because of Newton's $21 million salary. Releasing Newton saves the team $19.1 million in cap space with only $2 million in dead money. Now a team can sign him for less money with no compensatory pick cost. Assuming he's healthy enough to play, he makes a lot of sense for either the Patriots -- if they can fit him under the cap -- or Chargers.

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1 temas who could get him

Not liking pates as fit for Newton. Newton too sensitive to follow Bardy. very tough role fr any guy to follow Brayd there. Think Howdy Doody is better suited fo r it. Dalton has had less porblems with media than has Newton to this point. Could possibly better handle not living up to fan expectations. Newton more likely to have some probelm with reporters during rough weeek. Chargers better spot for Newton. better city fit for Newton and heis personality. not seeing any otgher obvious spot to go right nwo. teams either have quarterbacks in place ro will draft one in first round.

maybe he has no spot for a while. can wait for surprise retirement or injury. or sign with Jets, Lojns or Steelers as backup anticipating change for 2021. cna see if Jets and darnold struggle in 2020, head coahc and Darnold done there. Stafford cioudl leave Loins after 2o020 season. Maybe Roehtlisberger retires after 2020 season

4 bears already have Trubisky…

bears already have Trubisky and Foles. not sure of contract of foles. also not totally sure tema has given up on Trubisky. if have, then why is he still on teram? would only be due to contract/cap issue.

7 I suspect if Foles doesn't…

I suspect if Foles doesn't totally outplay Trubisky in training camp( assuming there is even going to be a training camp), then Trubisky is the nominal starter and Foles the insurance.


However, Nagy and Pace seem to be on the hot seat and Cam offers way more upside than either Foles or Trubisky. Id at least sniff around and see how much Cam might cost.

5 I think the Patriots would…

I think the Patriots would definitely be better off with Dalton. He's been a better QB than Newton for most of his career. Outside of that one MVP year Cam hasn't been a top tier quarterback. Dalton himself might've won the MVP that year if he hadn't had an injury late in the season. This is all aside from Newton's injury issues. Dalton is also much better if he as a great line protecting him, which NE seems to be able to perpetually provide.

8 It sort of depends on how…

It sort of depends on how Belichick views his team. If they are a QB away from being a Superbowl contender, then Cam on a friendly contract makes sense. However, if BB has a more low and slow barbecue approach to things(stole that line from Tanier), then I think Dalton makes more sense.


Amazed that people have such a garbage view of Dalton. He looks like garbage if he plays on a team that is garbage. he looks competent when the team is competent and he looks very good when the team is very good. That's a player with value, not some Chase Daniels.

2 Its interesting that the…

Its interesting that the Panthers decided to go in this direction. On paper, they had a competitive playoff caliber team that was a few pieces on offense and defense from being a real threat. Instead they decided to take a sledgehammer to the roster and do a full reboot.

Was this a good decision? Its such a tough call. On the one hand, bottoming out guarantees nothing. The Jaguars have lived in the toilet for years and have one good season to show for it. Cleveland has yet to show even one good season.

On the other hand, what exactly does moving forward with the team as is give you? Drafting those one or two pieces is very hard and unlikely. Cam's durability is a major issue and he plays in an offense that has had to use him as a focal point in the running game. Can you really expect to have Cam be completely healthy every week running that offense given his age? And even if you could, the average best case scenario is a division or wildcard team, but not in the upper echelon of teams. And the average middle case is a 6-10 team where Cam plays half the season or plays most of it through injury. I myself would have taken the safer road with Cam and Rivera, but I totally understand why they didn't.

6 I don't think it's a tough…

I don't think it's a tough call if something above being a wild card weekend contender is your aim.  The teams you mentioned have been criminally mismanaged for years.  Bottoming out guarantees you access to high draft picks and enough cap space to be players in free agency.  What teams do with those advantages comes down to management talent and luck. 

I would be more worried about Rhule's heavy reliance on players he and his staff know well versus just having the most talented player.  A healthy Cam is a better player than Bridgewater.  Kyle Allen may be a better player than Walker.  Chip Kelly leaned heavily on players from the Pac 12 and Big 12 when he was in Philly.  Once NFL coaches figured out how to stop his scheme, he didn't have enough high-end talent on the roster to compensate.  That said, given the limited practice reps that teams are allowed to have nowadays, I understand the rationale behind familiarity.  But ultimately, you should want to have as much talent as possible if you want to win games.

9 Yes it guarantees you high…

Yes it guarantees you high draft picks, but those picks carry uncertainty. Its not as if there is a Peyton Manning waiting every year to rescue your franchise. Call it mismanagement or bad luck, that downside is real and exists. The Jaguars whiffed twice with Gabbert and Bortles. The Browns have whiffed on every first round qb with the possible exception of Mayfield, who is equally likely to be a bust or a success at this point.

I guess my point was, with Cam you have a roster that can compete and maybe if things break the right way, you get to a sb again. That is something that most teams don't have. You also have the downside risk of being thoroughly mediocre for years. Thats probably the most likely end game with Cam's injury. 


I am saying its a hard choice either way. 

11 Restricting the conversation…

Restricting the conversation about bottoming out to drafting QBs #1 ignores the other hundreds of terrible decisions that Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Washington have made in all aspects of team building over the past decade.  You can whiff on QBs in the draft and still make things work and, frankly, given how QB-friendly the rules are, competent QB play is fairly easy to obtain today.  10-15 years ago, players who have accomplished things like Dalton, Cam, and Jameis wouldn't be floundering on the FA market.

The 3 teams mentioned are bad because of ownership meddling, managerial issues in the front office that impact the product on the field, misses at the head coach level, player evaluation issues, asset allocation issues, contract incompetence, and poor PR.  It really takes a concerted effort to be bad consistently in the NFL.

10 I temporarily forgot that…

I temporarily forgot that the Panthers have Bridgewater on the roster.

Just as I am amazed at how awful everyone's opinion of Dalton is, I am equally amazed at how rosy everyone's view of Teddy is. Look, I like that Teddy was able to rehabilitate his career after that gruesome injury he suffered. I am also happy he parlayed that into a good contract. But, Bridgewater pre injury was a solid to above average qb on a good team. The QB on the Saints, to me was an average qb being lifted up by a really good roster and a really good coaching staff. Maybe the Panthers have the latter, but they definitely lack the former. And inserting Bridgewater onto a terrible team doesn't guarantee you competence. Its just as likely to lead to something like what Cincinnati went through a season ago. The parallels are all there.

16 Bridgewater

Having seen some of Bridgewater's games last year, I can tell you that he will probably be less turnover-prone than Kyle Allen was last year. That fact probably would have helped last year's Panthers win a couple of games that they lost.

BUT--the bigger issue for CAR is losing Keuchly, Olsen, Cam--all veterans who were long-time Panthers, and are more than solid pros and players. Will McCaffrey be the team leader now? Who is the veteran holding others accountable? 

19 Yeah, I agree.  I see…

Yeah, I agree.  I see Bridgewater as either a top-tier backup or a bottom-tier starter, whereas I see Dalton as more of a mid-tier starter.  And as for Cam, he could turn out to be literally anywhere, from a top-tier starter to a bottom-tier backup, depending on his health issues.

21 Likewise. Teddy seems like a…

Likewise. Teddy seems like a great guy, and a great teammate, and has had to overcome a lot, which all makes for a nice story. Everybody is rooting for him. But his actual career production is very limited, and he's shown no major upside. I think the fact that he is signed as a projected starter, whilst Jamies and Cam languish unsigned, again highlights the NFL coaching/team-building fraternity's infatuation with risk and volatility avoidance. Jamies might single-handedly get you fired, Teddy probably won't.

12 The other big question

Is Cam actually healthy? I thought he was having arm problems either last year or the year before, then I think a foot injury derailed things last year. Seems like he'd be questionable but at the right price might make a good pickup. I'd take Dalton over Cam right now, and Cam over Hoyer.

17 Too bad

Would have been fun seeing Newton throw passes to the best supporting cast of his career: CMC, Moore, and Samuel in the short-to-intermediate zones, with Robby Anderson now on hand to catch the occasional bomb. Of course, there's no telling how effective Cam will be at this point. As is, I think Carolina could have a sneaky dangerous offense this year. The major questions appear to be all on defense. (I assume mine is a minority opinion. But I think Anderson gives them a lot more flexibility than they had before, and I'm uncertain whether losing this version of Olsen is a negative.)  

18 I am so mad that the Bears…

I am so mad that the Bears traded a 4th round pick for Foles rather than a presumably worse pick for Newton. This screams of Pace desperately clinging to his job rather than trying to get the Bears closer to a championship. The injuries undoubtedly make Newton high-risk, high-reward, but that's what a team like the Bears need for a stopgap...not a guy like Foles who probably provides a baseline of competence slightly better than Trubisky, but is extremely unlikely to repeat his 2013 season 7 years later.