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Patriots Going Color Rush Full Time

Apparently when the calendar flips over to a new decade, every team gets new uniforms. The Buccaneers, Falcons, and Browns have already unveiled new uniforms this offseason, and now the Patriots have joined them, making their Color Rush uniforms the primary home look, and re-designing their road jerseys to match. 

The all-navy unitard is going to be polarizing, for sure. The striping is bolder but simpler than what New England wore during the Tom Brady era, going with the platonic ideal striping Dave Bernreuther and I discussed last year.

You can find full galleries of the uniforms here and here.


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5 That's what it is I don't…

That's what it is I don't like about those shoulder stripes ... they make it look like someone's stuck the Austrian flag on there - too rectangular for my liking.

Edit: I've also realised that means they don't have numbers on the shoulder anymore. Is this new or something I missed noticing for the past ten years ?!?

7 I think the red-blue-red…

I think the red-blue-red stripes look nice from the front with the red face mask. But then you notice how strange the red looks in general because navy is the dominant color in the numbers and of course the pants. 

This isn't 2000s Buffalo-level bad, but it's a pretty awful use of the most successful color scheme in history, and a weird (but understandable, timing-wise) switch from the most successful logo set/dynasty too. It's hard to screw up red white and blue, and this isn't terrible, but it has this feeling of being incomplete that hasn't gone away no matter how many times I've looked at them. These look like they just picked through remnants in the uniform warehouse in a hurry and just went with whatever matched best. 

What they should have done:

  • silver pants
  • if those shoulder stripes, do helmet stripes as well
  • use the same stripe pattern/widths on the pants as the shoulders
  • no unitard!

All-navy with a silver helmet is just terrible. 


I wonder if they considered going back to white helmets full-time. I would think it'd have been pretty easy to come up with a slightly more modern stripe combination with the current Flying Elvis logo that would also have made it very easy to do the throwback Pat Patriot ones every once in a while. Toss in the option to use a blue jersey as well (Buffalo manages to pull off having both reds and whites, at least if you ignore the horribleness of going unitard with them most of the time) and it would be very Patriotic.

4 I'm not too big on the…

I'm not too big on the unitard look, but overall these seem OK. In general, it seems like the trend this year has been to avoid bold changes, and IMO, that's yielded better results than some of the changes we've seen in the past few years.


I will say that I really hate the dumb trend of teams using photos that have more shadow than substance to reveal their uniforms. What's the point of a "reveal" if we can't actually see them???


The galleries for this one were actually better in this regard than some others this year, which is pretty sad. (IIRC, the Falcons' photos had this issue, which were doubly annoying because the black-heavy color scheme made it difficult to discern if you were looking at a shadow or the actual color.)

6 Well, I don't know who the …

Well, I don't know who the "we" is referring to in the original tweet, but it doesn't include anybody I know.  The navy-on-navy is atrocious, and the stripes do more harm than good to the jersey.

8 If you're going to use the…

If you're going to use the factory-seconds we usually dump on Africa, your Super Bowl record also switches.


Good news Atlanta and Carolina!

10 They're terrible.  Only just…

They're terrible.  Only just barely better than the Bledsoe-era unis, which were the worst in the history of the franchise.  Unitards suck so hard.

All they needed to do was use the color rush jersey from last year with white pants and a white helmet.

Also, this leads me to believe they knew months and months and months ago that Brady was gone.  They wouldn't have bothered to switching uniforms for the last year or two of Brady's career.


12 these are fine. better than…

these are fine. better than 2019 uniforms. of course, Pates have alwyas had craptastical helme.ts Pat Patriot- dopey looking guy, totally lame. Flyign Elcus  even worse. Looks leik some total tool who is totally oblivious to his tooldom. Type fo guy you wodul want to fling rotten eggs at if you sw him driving down yoru street being all tooly. probably blasting Toad the Wet Sp[rocket out hsi windows ro some other non-cool music form 25 or 30 yeras ago.