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Paul Hornung Dies at Age 84

The "Golden Boy" of the Green Bay Packers has died at the age of 84. Paul Hornung starred originally at Notre Dame in the 1950s and won the Heisman Trophy, the only player to ever win for a losing team. Hornung then went No. 1 overall in the 1957 draft and was a part of four NFL championships for the Packers. Hornung was famously suspended for the 1963 season in a gambling scandal after the Packers won titles in 1961 and 1962, but then came back and was part of the 1965-66 Gren Bay championship teams. Hornung for a long time held the NFL record for scoring in a season, 176 points in 1960 because he scored both touchdowns as a running back and field goals/extra points as the Packers kicker. (He was since passed by LaDainian Tomlinson.)

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2 Single season scoring record

Paul Hornung was passed in 2006 by Ladanian Tomlinson, who scored 186 points (31 touchdowns).   Hornung remains #2.



3 Calling RJ

Can someone get RaiderJoe to post to this thread.  Will Allen too.

5 A person died. Have some…

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A person died. Have some respect.

If you were interested you would look it up yourself and would have shared it with the rest of the world.


4 Hornung might be the least…

Hornung might be the least modern player who was still going in the 'modern', color-tv, Superbowl era. His prime was pretty short too, really just three seasons before Jim Taylor took over as the feature back.


10 Helped make G.B. Packers a…

Helped make G.B. Packers a geeat team. Multiple-use player- runninc, receiving,  placekicking. 1961 league MVP. Key cog in getting Packers to three straigjt title games (lost in 1960 to Eags, beat Gianrs 1961 and 1962).

Then Hornung suspended all of 1963. Team misses postEason which at tjme was one game- division winners facing off NFL Championship Game. 11-2-1 that year. Chicago won diviispn wiht 11-1-2 record. Bears beat Packers two timrd . If Hornung does npt miss seadon  dur tp suspension maybe they beat Bears once. Whk is to say?

Team and hornung dip in1 964. Upswing 1965. Hornung last good seaskn and team wins title. 1966 team wins title again and first Super Bowl. Hornung clearly at end of road. Elijah Pitts took carries away from Hornung 

Career very nice as Borat woudl say. Sometimes Hornung gets tooo muxh credit and Jim Taylor not enough with casual football dan but Hornung stilll instrumental in helping make Packers be great