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Ravens RG Marshal Yanda Retires

One of the best guards in NFL history and a pretty sure bet for Canton, Marshal Yanda is retiring after 13 years with the Baltimore Ravens. He was still one of the league's top guards just this past year, helping the Ravens to set the NFL record for team rushing yards in a single season. Yanda made the Pro Bowl eight times and won a Super Bowl with the 2012 team. His likely replacement is 2019 fourth-round pick Ben Powers.

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8 comments, Last at 13 Mar 2020, 2:48pm

1 The Justin Smith of guards…

The Justin Smith of guards. I believe Ben Muth said he was overall the best linemen he's seen since he's been doing word of muth.

2 The prerequisite HoF discussion

The AP all-pros don't really reflect it, but it seems like he's been the best guard for at least half of this past decade. Obviously, he was all-decade, but the lack of other accolades are going to hurt his candidacy. It might only be my opinion, but it just *feels* like he should be a HoFer

5 Ravens RG Marshal Yanda Retires

Great player. That's a loss for the Ravens and football fans. But good for him. Not everybody gets to decide for themselves when it is time to stop. He goes out still one of the best in the game and, I sincerely hope, in good physical and mental health. Wish he had been on my team. Tip of the hat.