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Risky Business: Week 4

Kirk Cousins
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Sometimes, the most difficult game-management decisions come on the defensive side of the ball. When deciding whether or not to accept a penalty, how do you account for the question of whether your opponent will be properly aggressive on a fourth-down attempt?

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1 comment, Last at 06 Oct 2020, 11:44am

1 It's knowing your opponent.

How much can you really know the opposing coach and what he'll do given the same situation.  Past patterns inform on decision-making, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will repeat.

The confounding variable that people seem to miss is the opposing coach/team.  Just because Andy Reid went for 4th & 1 in a specific situation against opponent A doesn't mean he'll do it against opponent B.  Why not?  Unknown variables only known to Andy Reid.