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Rob Weintraub's 2019 All-AFC West Team

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Denver Broncos LB Von Miller
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Nearly forty percent of every team's schedule is made up of division games. Every coach and player talks about the importance of winning games against division foes. Schemes and personnel are very often tailored to matching up with division opponents. Yet when it comes to naming the best players at season's end, we never classify them by division. Where are the All-Division teams? This has always mystified me. Colleges name All-Conference teams, why not do likewise for the professional ranks?

Well rest easy, I've done it for you. Today we focus on the AFC West. Naturally, this being Football Outsiders, our stats are used to justify selections whenever necessary.


QB: Patrick Mahomes, KC

In the wake of Patty's first Super Bowl title and the Raiders flirting with Tom Brady, it might surprise you to learn that Derek Carr was fairly close to Mahomes during the regular season, according to our numbers -- 1,322 to 1,074 in passing DYAR, and both were top ten in both DYAR and DVOA. But their public perceptions couldn't be further apart.

RB: Josh Jacobs, OAK
RB: Philip Lindsay, DEN

Jake's phenomenal rookie season includes a nod on the All-Div team.

WR: Tyreek Hill, KC
WR: Mike Williams, LAC
WR: Keenan Allen, LAC
TE: Darren Waller, OAK

It takes a special season to beat out Travis Kelce for the all-AFC West team, but that's what Waller turned in, leading the league in DYAR. Tyrell Williams and Courtland Sutton were in the discussion at receiver.

OT: Mitchell Schwartz, KC
OT: Kolton Miller, OAK
OG: Dan Feeney, LAC
OG: Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, KC
C: Rodney Hudson, OAK

Garrett Bolles' struggles with penalties cost him a slot on the team, as did the injuries that took Richie Incognito and Gabe Jackson out of multiple games during otherwise strong seasons in Oakland.


DE: Joey Bosa, LAC
DE: Melvin Ingram, LAC
DT: Chris Jones, KC
DT: Jonathan Hankins, OAK

Frank Clark and Shelby Harris were right there in a strong group of defensive ends. Jones' awesome Super Bowl wasn't necessary for him to nab a spot on the team, but it didn't hurt.

OLB: Von Miller, DEN
OLB: Thomas Davis, LAC
ILB: Alexander Johnson, DEN
ILB: Todd Davis, DEN

The division had plenty of good defensive linemen but suffered in the back seven, and that's even counting Miller as a linebacker. His counterpart was a three-way battle between Davis, Anthony Hitchens, and Tahir Whitehead; Davis gets the spot as much for lifetime achievement as anything else.

CB: Chris Harris, DEN
CB: Casey Hayward, LAC
Slot CB: Charvarius Ward, KC
S: Tyrann Mathieu, KC
S: Kareem Jackson, DEN

Harris played much more on the outside than in past years. Jackson edges out rookie Juan Thornhill at safety.


K: Harrison Butker, KC
P: Dustin Colquitt, KC
RET: Mecole Hardman, KC

Clean sweep for the Chiefs in the third phase, unsurprising given they were our second-ranked team in special teams DVOA.


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1 Broncos

Interesting from the Denver perspective. Everyone's favorite whipping boy Garrett Boles gets mentioned but I would have thought Dalton Risner would have been their best choice (I have no idea how he compares to the guards that are on the list); Chris Harris didn't seem to have a particularly great year, at least not by his standards, and I would have thought Justin Simmons would have been on the list over Kareem Jackson, especially with Jackson missing 3 games.

9 I agree with everything you…

In reply to by BroncFan07

I was about to write a comment making all these same points.

Kareem Jackson was fantastic this year though, it's not like he's a bad pick. PFF rates Simmons as the #1 safety in the NFL this year, but subjectively I thought he and Jackson were about equal. I think Honey Badger is better (and had a better year) than both of them. 

2 I would have considered…

I would have considered Hardman as a receiver, too.

I doubt KC would trade Kelce for Waller, but I suspect Oakland would trade Waller for Kelce.

5 As a denver fan im skeptical…

As a denver fan im skeptical of Todd Davis making it. He's fine against the run but just too slow to cover rbs, though I don't know who's to replace him.

6 Hello

Josh Jacobs is not with KC. He's with OAK/LV

7 Fixed!

In reply to by Testicular Tactics


10 Very surprised

to see Feeney and specially Thomas Davis here. Find it very hard to believe that there weren't better players at their position.

Dalton Risner seems like a obvious choice over Feeney and PBnJ sandwich seems an upgrade over Thomas Davis.

Would put Justin Simmons over Kareem Jackson and Ekeler over Lindsey.

Apart from that, it seems like the best team that the AFCW could field this year.

Just a question, how do you decide to put a rush lb at OLB in one spot and an off the ball LB at the other OLB spot?

11 1976 Bucs of fotoball terms

In reply to by Laserblast

so an off ball LB is non-rush linebacker?


ervery time see this cool guy footb all term have to spend time reading context clues to figure out what wrtier is writing about. 


for me, outside linebacker, middle linebacker, inside linebacerk, strong side linebacker, weak sidfe linebacker, will/smith/mike, rush linebacker are acceptabnle- all normal and understandable


on other hand, off ball linebacker WTF is that? what does it even mean? it is not descriptive atg all. 

rush linebacker on right end of defensive alignment. Guy ia opposite left tackle. rushes passer, passes rolls right, RB blocks rush linebacker who nevber gets close to quarterback. "Off ball LB" on left side of defense, a supposed non-rush LB ends up sacking the quarterback. Hmm. The "off ball lb" may have literally been on the ball as he sacked the quartrback. The rush guy, or "on ball" linebacker (obviously the oppiosite the of "off ball") was off the ball on the play. 


eradicate it. it is awful term.