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Saints Adding Winston, Extend Hill

The New Orleans Saints are also expected to sign free agent quarterback Jameis Winston on Monday, once the deadline passes for free-agent signees to count in the compensatory draft pick formula for 2021. Terms have not been disclosed, but Winston's agreement with New Orleans is believed to be a one-year deal. 

Winston turned 26 in January. He is Tampa Bay's franchise leader in passes, completions, yards, and touchdowns -- but not, surprisingly, interceptions. Since the Buccaneers drafted him first overall in 2015, Winston has thrown a dozen more interceptions than anyone else. He led the NFL with 30 interceptions in 2019, becoming the first NFL quarterback ever with 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in the same season, and the first with 30 interceptions in a season since Vinny Testaverde (Tampa Bay's other first overall draft pick who turned out to be a turnover machine) in 1988.

That was not New Orleans' only quarterback move of the weekend. Taysom Hill, multi-purpose weapon extraordinaire, has signed a two-year, $21 million extension with the team that includes $16 million guaranteed.

Hill turns 30 in August. In 16 regular-season games in 2019, he played 287 snaps on special teams and 241 on offense, amassing 234 yards as a receiver, 156 as a runner, and 46 as a passer (including yards lost on sacks). 


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1 To re-use a joke

Well, he's certainly got experience throwing the ball to people wearing a Saints uniform.

2 Active leaders, passes…

In reply to by MilkmanDanimal

Active leaders, passes completed to a New Orleans Saint (playoffs included):

1. Drew Brees: 6,145
2. Teddy Bridgewater: 147
3. Matt Ryan: 16
T4. Cam Newton: 11
T4. Matthew Stafford: 11
6. Jameis Winston: 10
T7. Chase Daniel: 7
T7. Taysom Hill: 7
T9. Aaron Rodgers: 6
T9. Alex Smith: 6

10 In Winston's defense

Uh, "defense", those 10 "completions" to the Saints came in only nine games.  In the same number of games, he's thrown 15 picks to the Panthers.

4 Slightly surprised there…

Slightly surprised there wasn’t more of a market for Winston than as a pure backup for 1 year. And for the Saints, yes they get their veteran backup, but thought they might commit for at least 2 years to at least provide them with options if/when Brees does retire after this season.

8 Real shame

He feels like a decent comp for Roethlesberger in a number of ways.  Big, strong, functional mobility, keeps plays alive, multiple sexual assaults . . . he'd fit in perfectly.


In reply to by MilkmanDanimal

That is some serious wordcraft there. Bravo!


11 I am really surprised he…

I am really surprised he didn't go to the Steelers. I agree with Milkman, stylistically, Ben and Jameis seem quite similar. Maybe its a waste of time, but I get a sense that its easier to reign in a productive but mistake prone passer than it is to build a productive passer in an ineffective game manager type. 


On the other hand, Winston was in a tailor made offense with a really good offensive coach and he crapped the bed way too many times(30 times to be specific). 

12 There's always the debate…

There's always the debate about how much QBs and WRs are responsible for each others' success, but I have to say I'm genuinely curious to see how Jameis Winston does without Mike Evans around; Mike Evans has a ridiculous catch radius, and is incredibly good at adjusting to badly-thrown balls and still pulling them down, which we know because "badly-thrown ball" is kind of a Winston hallmark.  Unfortunately, he's going to the Saints where Michael Thomas catches everything, but I'd love to see Winston with something like the Eagles' receiving group, just basically as a scientific study of when somebody who can't throw accurately meets a bunch of guys who very potentially can't catch even if it is thrown accurately.

Bring back Agholor, trade Winston to Philly.

5 Hill - $21,000,000 over 2 years?

That's a lot of money for the assumed 3rd string QB. I know he does a lot on ST and is in on offense a lot, but the numbers quoted in the article don't add up to that kind of $$ in my mind. Please enlighten me if I'm missing something here. 

13 $21MM

I know, it sounded high to me too. I wonder if they are going to use him even more this year. I haven't figured out how they are going to afford him--although Winston may be only receiving a little more than the veteran minimum.

Obviously, Hill is more than just the 3rd string QB--but he is even highly paid for a 2nd string QB.

14 He had a heck of a game in…

In reply to by Joseph

He had a heck of a game in the playoffs, but overall he's just the poor man's Antwaan Randle El, and I'm not sure the genuine article was ever worth that much to begin with.

15 A lot depends on what role…

A lot depends on what role they envision for him long term. Clearly Payton must see more than gimmick gadget dude to commit so much to him. 

And yes, he had a heck of a game in the playoffs. So did Antwaan Randle El as you rightly cite. 

6 Double Post

Double Post - sorry.