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SEA-ARI Moved to Sunday Night

The NFL has moved the Seahawks-Cardinals game from Sunday afternoon to Sunday night, with the Buccaneers-Raiders game going from the night to the afternoon. 

Las Vegas tackle Trent Brown was placed on the COVID list on Wednesday, and the entire starting offensive line was sent home this week to isolate after contact tracing. The game is still expected to be played on Sunday, but if it must be postponed or delayed, NBC will still have a game to show on Sunday night. 

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9 comments, Last at 25 Oct 2020, 9:38pm

1 If the Raiders have to play…

If the Raiders have to play without an offensive line, how will you be able to tell them apart from the Eagles?

2 Pretty large disagreement…

Pretty large disagreement between the betting lines and the DVOA difference between these two games. Seattle only has a 11.6% advantage over Arizona, while TB has a 45.8% advantage over LV, but both road teams are 3.5-point favorites.

5 Ignore

I'm as out of it as today's starting QBs, posting to the wrong thread.

7 With how much the Bucs got…

With how much the Bucs got after Rodgers even before Bakhtiari's injury, TB-LV could get real ugly real quick.

8 They are taking the "4 day…

They are taking the "4 day for everyone close to someone" precaution. 

So of course, everything will go well.