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SEC Goes Conference-Only, ACC Brings In Notre Dame

The SEC today approved going to a 10-game, conference-only football schedule beginning on September 26. This follows yesterday's big announcement from the ACC, which is not going conference only. Their new schedule puts all 15 teams in one division, which now includes Notre Dame for this year only. The Fighting Irish are even eligible for the ACC Championship Game and are sharing all their NBC money with the rest of the ACC. The ACC's schedule also includes one non-conference game per team, but by the rules it has to be in that school's home state. This looks like it was added so that certain in-state rivalries could continue. The problem is most of those rivalries are with SEC teams (Florida-Florida State, for example, or Clemson-South Carolina) and now the SEC is going to a conference-only schedule.

Three of the Power 5 conferences have announced a conference-only schedule. The Big 12 is the only Power 5 conference yet to announce it's fall plans.

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1 MAC is fully cancelled. It…

MAC is fully cancelled.

It was going to be tough for them to make money playing with their power-5 games being generally cancelled, anyway.