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SITE NEWS: Football Outsiders Almanac 2020 Now Available!

Football Outsiders Almanac 2020
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We're happy to announce that the Football Outsiders Almanac 2020, Digital Edition is now available for download! This is the 16th annual version of the book that the Boston Globe called the "Bible for superfans and fantasy football leaguers." It's over 500 pages of cutting-edge statistical analysis, obsessive film study, and trademark humor. Full previews for all 32 NFL teams and the top 50 projected NCAA teams, plus over 500 player comments and new, upgraded KUBIAK fantasy football projection system. You can learn more in the Football Outsiders store.

The Print Edition of Football Outsiders Almanac 2020 is also now available on Amazon.com.

If you need more help with the Almanac or FO Plus, please visit the Football Outsiders Help Center. If you find errors and typos in FO Almanac 2020, you can report them in this thread.


58 comments, Last at 17 Sep 2020, 12:11am

1 Confused...

So, this month for the one time price of $34.99 I can get the FOA .pdf and KUBIAK, right?  It's not $34.99 per month, right? My shopping cart says it's a monthly subscription, which is confusing.  I understand it costs more for access to the DVOA database.

11 Subscriptions

In reply to by CheeseHead

If you are only interested in access to Football Outsiders Almanac 2020, Digital Edition and KUBIAK we have created the FO+ Monthly option for fans like yourself. In addition to FOA 2020 and KUBIAK, you also get access to the other stats and tools bundled with an FO+ subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time. At the end of your subscription, you will loose access to FO+, including KUBIAK updates. The Early Bird promo only applies to your first month. Learn more in the FO Store here.

14 Major price increase?!

In reply to by Aaron Schatz

So, in previous years I paid something like $20 for FOA and $20 for KUBIAK for the year and now you want $50 per MONTH?!?  No way...

17 Am I missing something?

In reply to by Aaron Schatz

I ONLY want to by the Football Outsiders Almanac 2020. That is the only thing I want. I do not want KUBIAK, I do not want anything else. I just want to read the Football Outsiders Almanac, which I have done happily and enjoyed since 2009. I have purchased them all as PDFs and been very very pleased with the product, even as the price has slowly ticked up from $12 to $15 to $20. I understand that creativity is expensive, and the product - for something of its size - is just outstanding.

Now - if I understand it correctly, I MUST buy a $35 subscription that includes something I DO NOT WANT and I have to monitor my "subscription" - again, requiring something I DO NOT WANT - to buy the PDF version of the product that I do want? Am I correct here? There's no option to simply buy the Football Outsiders PDF?


19 I enjoyed the book for quite…

I enjoyed the book for quite some years, but lost the available time to read it.

Now by schedule has changed back, so if I could pick up a copy from Amazon that'd be nice. My worry is the shipping, as it might be costly to ship it across the Pacific Pond.

I don't want to buy a pdf if that means I have to pay a subscription. 

35 PDF

Hey. You are welcome to cancel your subscription at any time, so if you want you can just download this year's PDF and then cancel.

21 Subscription

Yep, same issue for me too. Judging by comments here, I'm not the only one who is unhappy with this.

My reasoning might be unique, though: I don't play fantasy football. Between two jobs, Sunday church commitments, and other interests, I just can't fit it in. I haven't even been able to finish all the NFL chapters in the Almanac before the regular season the last couple of years. (If I ever did play FF, it would be with the NFL fans in my church--at least that way everybody would be on a reasonably level playing field. We just couldn't get more than 3 guys to commit, even counting me.I won't play with random people, b/c I don't want to be that guy who is not as emotionally committed/invested as the rest of the group.)

22 plus one

In reply to by Joseph

I'm with you. No interest in fantasy football or gambling. I love the almanac and I read through it slowly and thoroughly. But out of work during the pandemic and cannot justify paying that price. I will miss reading it and will miss being able to support the work of the people who produce it.

23 This is sad for me.  I've…

In reply to by Joseph

This is sad for me.  I've been an FO reader for a long time, and I've bought the book every year for over a decade. I've been adding in the extra website access for years, and it's all over now. Subscription pricing at this level is a non-starter.

If I can buy a pdf copy of the book at a reasonable price, I suppose I'll opt for that and be sad about all the features I'm losing, but the store suggests even access to the book is limited to a 12-month subscription. 

24 I'm in the same boat. My…

I'm in the same boat.

My interest in NFL football is dwindling by the year for various reasons, and I was on the fence about buying the PDF this year.  The price hike combined with it being a subscription has tipped me into the no-purchase camp.

As a customer, if you require me to fuck around with a subscription I don't want, it needs to come with a discount, not a premium, to the price.  Its anti-consumer, which is fine if it translates into a share of the benefits for the consumer.

I know how hard it is to write a publish a book, and I don't begrudge anyone charging for their product what they think they need to.  But I won't pay more than my utility for that product.

25 Pretty sure if you want the…

Pretty sure if you want the Almanac only (like I do), then it’s $35 one-time and it is not a monthly subscription.

still a bit rich, but if I eat only instant noodles for a week, I can make it work! What FO should do is bump it to $40 and include a 24-pack of instant noddles. A package to feed your stomach and your brain for a week

39 just bought! hey everyone -…

In reply to by Aaron Schatz

just bought!

hey everyone - think of this as supporting something you truly love like saving dolphins...but in this case, saving starving/aspiring sportswriters...

30 In similar news, PFR is…

In similar news, PFR is sending player index behind a paywall on a separate site (as is all the other -references sites; not even the gimped free option baseball-reference has). They want appleTV money per month for what was the main attraction of their site.

Not because they are losing money, mind you. But because the index isn't profitable enough (their own words).

42 I visit PFR almost daily,…

I visit PFR almost daily, and I didn't know this was happening!


Edit: I just looked at their site, and it is the PLAY index, not the PLAYER index that is going behind a paywall.  I would not consider the PLAY index to be their main attraction.


" But because the index isn't profitable enough (their own words)."

I didn't see those words.  I saw these words: "the Play Index tools are complicated to maintain and manage, and quite frankly are a money-loser for us at this time."


50 You skipped over the site…

You skipped over the site itself doing well. But we’re going to lose the core of the site because it doesn’t shit gold as efficiently as the standings.

The play index is the heart of the site. NFL.com has most of the rest.


play index

37 Apologies for the confusion

We're sorry for the confusion here. This is exactly what the Almanac subscription is: a FO Almanac 2020 download, now available. We threw in PDF downloads of the complete Almanac archive and a couple of other fan favorite writings as an extra bonus for people who didn't purchase those books in the past.

With an active Almanac subscription, your access will automatically be upgraded to include the latest edition each year. Also, if you take advantage of the Early Bird special, the discount locks your price in year over year as well.


2 I have a semi-related…

I have a semi-related question:


Why do the new playoff odds hate the 49ers so much?  I hate the 49ers, too.  But I would think they would be much closer to a favorite in the NFC.

16 Super Bowl losing curse…

Super Bowl losing curse baked into the model?

I was on the "Rams have to still be a playoff team" camp last year, even as ESPN pundits were predicting 10-6 or 9-7 and out of the top 6...oops. 

27 rams werent a bad prediction

they regressed a little, but that was due to travel imo as much as anything else.  if you include the preseason they had trips to Oakland, hawaii, houston, charlotte, cleveland, seattle, and London via Atlanta all before the bye.  

3 I am frustrated at the new…

I am frustrated at the new model. As someone who has bought every almanac, paying extra compared to previous years so I gain access to what I already own is not pleasant.

9 Same

I have purchased all of them except one since 2007. Last year, I bought the digital b/c I have a quality tablet to read it on now. I already told them that last year was the last time. It's sad, b/c I look forward to it every year.

Of course, this year's Almanac may end up becoming a nice paperweight, as every passing day seems to bring less hope of any football this fall.

15 hey joseph, my purchase…

In reply to by Joseph

hey joseph, my purchase history says i bought e-copy every year since 2007 except for one year too! have you been stealing my copy?!?  : )

i love fo, and my first copy from barnes and noble got me a win in fantasy football -AND- made $1500 in super bowl futures with the seahawks...sigh, will prolly have to feed the kids white bread and water to pay $35 for this year's copy...

34 Thanks

We appreciate you being a longtime fan. We threw in PDF downloads of the complete Almanac archive as a little bonus for people buying this year's book. While you might not get to see the benefit, we hope there are others who would enjoy those reads.

4 only me??

So am I the only one who didn't get his? My notifying email only included the Pats' section, and I don't see the 2020 version in my downloads. Sure looked like purchasing the (then) $49.99 yearly subscription included the digital almanac. So am I missing something? (other than a 2020 Almanac)

12 Wrong place?

In reply to by BigRichie

Looks like you might be looking in the wrong place. To access FO+, including the Football Outsiders Almanac, look for the FO Plus logo in the main navigation and select the Almanac from there.

Since your access is tied to your user account, you must logged in and have an active subscription. If not, you will only be able to see a sample chapter for New England.

7 Printing a book is so expensive

I find it funny that FO always bitched about how expensive it was to print an actual book.  Now they have control of the process and they want to line their pockets with 2x as much money as the book publishers.  Pure Avarice.

8 No Link to Download

I got my receipt for purchasing my subscription for 2020, but there's no actual download when I go to my account? Or in my email?

13 How to Download

Same response as to the fellow above. Looks like you might be looking in the wrong place. To access FO+, including the Football Outsiders Almanac, look for the FO Plus logo in the main navigation and select the Almanac from there.

Since your access is tied to your user account, you must logged in and have an active subscription. If not, you will only be able to see a sample chapter for New England.

18 Non-staff writers?

Is there any non-FO-staff writers? 'Cause I really enjoy only B. Knowles writing style now.

Tanier? (bet he is in)

Barnwell? (bet he is not)

Kacsmar? (bet he is not)

p.s. btw, pricing! $50 for PDF, or even $35 (with your generous sale) is waaaay way too much imo.

26 agreed

yeah i've bought this thing about every year since 07.  not only does the price point seem a bit off, but the various packages offer virtually little consumer value  i mean it is still better than the clowns at baseball prospectus, but the offerings are disappointing to say the least

36 Writers

Writers who are in the book but do not regularly write for FootballOutsiders.com include Mike Tanier (Bleacher Report), Thomas Bassinger (Tampa Bay Times), and Dan Pizzuta (Sharp Football Stats).

28 If you get the Almanac subscription...

Can you still download it as a PDF and access it in perpetuity (like you could the old way), or is it truly "subscription only access" where you have to be logged in to read it via some proprietary DRM solution?

29 waiting on this answer too;…

waiting on this answer too; like several others above, I've bought every year save one since about 2007, and I appreciate y'alls work and am willing to go to $35, if once Ive paid for it Ive got it, but I dont play FF.  Alternately, it looks like the kindle version, in the past, has come out a month later, and Im wondering if thats expected to be the case again

45 This is my problem with the new model.

In reply to by Aaron Schatz

You are making me pay extra for something I do not want AND the "incentive" is the ability to now download something I already have and paid for. Why can't I just buy the PDF? I do not want the KUBIAK stuff and I do not want the fantasy football stuff. All I want to do is to give you $20 for an uploaded PDF of a document.

I want to give you my money. I really do - but you're making me but things I don't want. You're making me pay $35 for something that cost $20 in the past because I as the customer have no desire to purchase.

If you are saying I can ONLY buy the product with the things I do not want, do you not see the problem with that business model?

40 ok i figured this out

AFter coming back to it, this really isnt that terrible.  Instead of thinking of it as a subscription, think of it as the pdf of the magazine and kubiak updateable through the day you buy +30.  sign up the right day that gets you through all your drafts.  i'm assuming kubiak is downloadable as it was in prior years.

The difference to prior years seems to be that you no longer have the ability to buy the Almanac alone at a reduced price point.  Is that sketchy to do to longtime readers who only buy the magazine? Probably.  but they gotta make their money somehow.  

56 Kubiak

Kubiak seems to be downloadable but only in plain text list format. None of the dynamic parts of the previous spreadsheets exist.


43 Updated Version

An updated version is now available for download that fixes some errors in the Statistical Appendix section.

44 If you do have a lot of free…

If you do have a lot of free time and don't want to pay, in the past you've been able to get a copy by being a game charter.  Its an experience I learned a lot from an would do again if I had the time.  I don't recall what the timing of that was.

Of course the drawback of this was buying multiple hard copies for my family so I could show them my mention in the credits, so it ended up costing me more, but ymmv.

Assuming there are any games to chart, that is.

 (note - have not verified if they still do this)

49 awww

I completely understand the reasons for this, a more consistent and reliable source of data....   but I am nostalgic for the time I had doing that a couple years, felt like I was a part of the operation and contributing to the result.   Plus I always enjoyed the "game charters speak" feature when we got to write a couple things.  Ah, well...


47 Print edition

For the love of God, I don't understand why I am double billed for wanting a PDF if I buy the print version. Buying a print version should automatically include a digital version with it. I don't understand that at all

48 If I thought there would be…

If I thought there would be a 2020 season, I would suck it up and pay $35 for the book. I don't like the price hike, but whatever. I would get over it.

But the price hike, plus the likelihood that there's no NFL this year? Sorry guys.

You know, soccer is like a desert wasteland compared to the NFL when it comes to fan-facing advanced stats and analysis. There are several xG models that are fine, but there is a dearth of writers of anywhere near the quality that you see here at FO (Ted Knutson and Grace Robertson of Statsbomb and a handful of others excepted). Statsbomb is great but they are more focused on working with actual clubs than writing for fans. I'd love to see Aaron work his magic a second time and come up with a new and improved metric to rate club soccer teams! 

I've been steadily losing interest in American football for years, for a combination of different reasons. If it weren't for FO I probably would have given up on the game by now. I don't see myself turning my back on the game completely, but the less interested I feel about American football, the more interested I become about association football! It's been fun watching the British commentators slowly come around to the realization that Christian Pulisic is truly a world-class player. Go Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, and Rapids!

51 Good to be back, is the NFL catching on!?!

Great to have another almanac to peruse.

Just saw this article on the NFL website: https://www.nfl.com/news/next-gen-stats-intro-to-expected-rushing-yards

I love the second to last paragraph: "This is only the beginning."  Golly, the NFL has discovered "new" fangled metric methods of analysing the game.  I'm sure someone should have a quiet word or two in their collective ears, those words (or, rather, acronyms) being "DVOA" and "DYAR"!

53 Sorry to see me go

After buying all but one from 2009 on and just reading the team previews (and time permitting not all of them), I was looking forward to this years edition... even if the season due to the pandemic might not look at all like you're previewing it.

For my purposes 20 was fine - 35 bucks for sure isn't. Never used Kubiak / fantasy stuff and for about 10 team previews it's way too much.

Sadly I wave goodbye.

54 Print edition

I love the content, I've owned every print edition since 2006 (not a fan of reading pdf), and I even understand price hikes. But I have to admit, going from $28.95 last year to $49.99 this year is a big one, and one that for the first time has me leaning towards skipping the book this year.

55 New pricing model

Interesting reading the comments above.

Every year, without fail - from 26 July 2006 to 11 August 2019 - I buy the book and KUBIAK. $20, then $30, $31, $32, $36, then last year $60. (Hmm, might have bought extra last year)

So this year it seems like its $50, where I get the same for 30 days and then no more.

So the costs are on the rise....the offering is for less time than previous years.....and I still have to convert USD to the Australian Dollar.....this one's going to be far tougher decision. 

57 Count me in among the people…

Count me in among the people frustrated by the change in price and model. $50 for the print edition seems steep to me, and I hate the idea of a subscription. They can say over and over "you can just cancel," but the fact remains that subscription models are used in large part because of the high number of people who simply forget to do so or are made to jump through hoops to cancel.

I appreciate everything Aaron and his team has done, but this is disappointing. This will be the first time in as long as I can remember that I will not be buying either the price or PDF edition.

58 Case in point? Got too busy…

Case in point? Got too busy with work and life to cancel in time, got slugged again overnight. My fault - no question - but the cost now which was already up, is now double. 

Have now cancelled.

If priced similarly next year, sadly this will be the last year I buy the Almanac....after having one every year from inception.