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Tannehill, Titans Agree to Contract Extension

The first domino in the Great Quarterback Carousel of 2020 has fallen: Ryan Tannehill will be returning to the Tennessee Titans, having agreed to a long-term deal with the team. 

The Titans and Tannehill have agreed to terms on a four-year extension worth $118 million, including $62 million in fully guaranteed money and $91 million in total guarantees, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Though he only started 10 games for Tennessee last year, Tannehill had by far the most efficient season of his career, leading the NFL in yards per pass, yards per completion, and quarterback rating. He was "only" fifth in passing DVOA, mainly because he still took a lot of sacks, but that was enough for Tennessee to lock him down for the long term. 

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1 I guess that's about what…

I guess that's about what Tannehill is worth in terms of dollars/year based on how well he played last year, but maaan it appears he did well with the guarantees. Worst case scenario, he flops damn hard this season, the Titans grit their teeth and cut him (eating a presumably large amount of dead cap money), and Tannehill walks away with $62 million. If the Titans don't cut him next March, the $91 million is firmly guaranteed and he's set through 2022.

2 Well, this makes a lot more…

Well, this makes a lot more sense than the Brady rumors. It's absolutely bizarre how many teams seem to think that signing a guy who will be 43 years old when the season starts and just experienced a big drop off in performance last year is worth considering. The Titans and Raiders both had QBs who performed better than Brady last year, but are supposedly in the market for him. It makes no sense.

6 It still doesn't matter,…

It still doesn't matter, because a big drop off in performance at age 43 is still likely even if a player was a superstar the previous year. It's just a matter of aging. In a vacuum, if you are choosing between either a 32-year old (Tannehill) or a 29-year old (Carr) and a 43-year old, you should only be considering the old guy if he was much, much better than the young alternative the previous year. In both these cases, it was actually the opposite. Brady was 17th in DVOA, Tannehill 5th, and Carr 8th. That's what made the idea that the Raiders or Titans should consider Brady so utterly absurd.

11 Brady was 17th with his…

Brady was 17th with his receivers/OL/running game, Tannehil was 5th with his. Swap them and would Brady have been 5th and Tannehil 17th? I think that's more likely than them keeping their respective rankings.

12 Again, so what? One guy is…

Again, so what? One guy is 43 years old. But even ignoring that rather enormous factor, Brady has been performing at a high level with scraps throughout his career. The fact he suddenly can't is likely a sign of declining ability.

This also all ignores that Brady would have to go through a learning curve of surviving without Belichick for the first time in his career.

14 Isn't it interesting that…

Isn't it interesting that Brady's numbers weren't really any better when he had Gordon/Brown/etc than when he didn't?  


And that his numbers didn't get any better when the line got healthy?



Its amazing how much the narrative keeps shifting, and how clean he's stayed. He's 43, has been holding onto the ball forever, and refused to throw the ball to anyone he hasn't been playing with for a decade. 


Dude is very clearly not the player he was 2 years ago.  

4 The Brady rumors seemed fake…

The Brady rumors seemed fake to me, like what the media wanted for the Titans instead of what the Titans actually wanted. The Titans do have a history of being dumb, but since Jon Robinson has become their GM, he's made shrewd moves generally.

7 Good for him. Even if last…

Good for him. Even if last year proves to be a career best, I still think he can sustain a good level as long as the offensive system remains in place -as it should until (and if) team results get everybody fired.

8 There's a ton of downside…

There's a ton of downside risk here. Tanny at worst is a competent QB. At his near best he's worth this contract. The question is, will he be? It's at a price point where I might favor franchise tagging him to see how he plays next season.