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Texans Break the Bank for Tunsil

Laremy Tunsil is now, by far, the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL history.

Tunsil and the Houston Texans have agreed to a three-year, $66-million extension, with nearly $58 million guaranteed. Before this deal, the richest contract for an offensive lineman had been Lane Johnson's deal with Philadelphia, which averaged $18 million per year. Tunsil's deal tops that average by more than 20%. 

On top of that, Tunsil will actually see a larger share of his money than most players do -- he acted as his own agent, and won't have to pay anyone else any negotation fees. 

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10 comments, Last at 27 Apr 2020, 4:18pm

1 Lol, 2 first rounders plus…

Lol, 2 first rounders plus filler for Tunsil was a borderline bad decision. Factoring in the payday, it is now an awful decision. 


Good for him though. Nothing like having all of the leverage in a negotiating situation. It reminds me of a funny line I heard from one of my professors a while back. "Professor, do you have a plan in place?" 


"Yes, my plan is to have my cake and eat it"

3 Looking forward to finding…

In reply to by Aaron Brooks G…

Looking forward to finding out today when the draft starts. Seems unfair Jerry Jones spoiled all my fun yesterday by being smart.

5 I love it.  Top of the…

I love it. 

Top of the offensive linemen market is 18 million?  We could reset the market and do a deal worth 18.5, but I think I'll go the extra mile and lock him up for 22 per.

I'm still peeved Hopkins wanted a raise.  Where does that ingrate get the idea we can afford that?

6 Tunsil still isn't that good…

Tunsil still isn't that good right?  I have had the impression from briefly watching him that he is an above average LT (like 7-12th best range).

7 The fact Tunsil is acting as…

The fact Tunsil is acting as his own agent is the cherry on top of all this absurdity. Getting hornswoggled by a professional negotiator is one thing, but getting ripped off by a 25-year old with no experience in anything outside football is utterly ridiculous.


What a maroon. He does understand that he needs to pay other players too, doesn't he?