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Texans Formally Name Bill O'Brien as GM

The Houston Texans operated without a general manager in 2019, with head coach Bill O'Brien performing most of those duties. In 2020, they have made it official -- O'Brien is now head coach and GM, while Jack Easterby has been named Executive Vice President of Football Operations.

"Preparations are underway for the 2020 season and I thought it was important to update titles, roles and responsibilities for Bill O'Brien and Jack Easterby so they more accurately reflect the way we have been operating for the past eight months," said Houston Texans Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Cal McNair in a statement. "I was encouraged by the progress that our team made on the field this year which was due in part to our new structure, operating approach and the leaders within our football operations group. I am proud that we provided our fans with many thrilling victories at home, including a playoff win, and we delivered another double-digit win season."


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1 To echo Vince's point in the…

To echo Vince's point in the audibles, BOB tried to fix the offensive line by beginning a process of dismantling his defense. Its like trying to plug one hole by creating two more. The apotheosis was their divisional loss where the defense basically had to hope the Chiefs receivers dropped passes on third down. Of course, the scapegoat was Romeo Crennel. 

And now they are without a boatload of picks to replenish the future. Well done Mr. Obrien. Well done.

2 There is equally a suspicion…

There is equally a suspicion that the Texans offense is under-performing, given the talents of Deshaun Watson and the draft/trade capital invested elsewhere. 

They should continue to win games by virtue of the offensive talent, but are way behind the Ravens and Chiefs at the top of the AFC (as well as potentially other teams), with no real means of closing the gap. And always a Watson injury away from total capitulation. 

6 Someday, I hope there's a…

Someday, I hope there's a Football Life or 30 in 30 or some such program chronicling how Jack Easterby went from team chaplain to Executive Vice President of Football Operations in a calendar year. It's unfathomable....like a Cadet graduating from West Point into a four star general.

8 Am I the only guy

who thinks O'Brien does the least with the most in the league on the field? Maybe Garrett in Dallas.

And now the Texans are putting him in charge of off the field responsibilities?

9 "And now the Texans are…

"And now the Texans are putting him in charge of off the field responsibilities?"


Um...hes been in charge for a while. Now is just when they are being public about it.