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Undrafted Punter Returning to Arizona State

Well, here's a first. Michael Turk, a punter for the Arizona State Sun Devils, skipped his junior and senior seasons to enter the NFL draft. He hired agents. He was committed to pro football. Then he went undrafted. And then no team signed him after the draft. So Turk petitioned the NCAA for a special waiver to return to school, and shockingly, the NCAA agreed. 

Michelle Gardner of the Arizona Republic broke the news, saying that it was the first time in history such a waiver had been granted. Mike Florio's story on Pro Football Talk has more details and speculation about what this might mean. 

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1 I don't have any faith in…

I don't have any faith in the NCAA having the right motives or values, and today's news probably isn't very significant in the big picture, but the pace of change in college sports in the last 5 or so years has been undeniable. I really do think they've seen the writing on the wall that amateurism can't hold. I'm sure they'll try to uphold all sorts of inequities, but I think they're squarely in the 'managing the transition' phase of things now.

5 +1

That would be awesome, even better than what I was thinking, just one thread to let our political angst flame out.