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Vikings Deal Ngakoue to Ravens

It seems like it was just a couple months ago that the Vikings were trading for disgruntled Jacksonville defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. Actually, it was just a couple months ago! Now at 1-5, the Vikings are throwing a white flag on the season and Ngakoue is the first veteran being dealt away. He's off to the Ravens for a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 fifth-rounder. Both of the Jacksonville defensive ends from 2017, Ngakoue and Calais Campbell, will now be starting for the Ravens. As for Minnesota, it's good to give up on sunk costs, but the difference between the second-rounder they dealt to Jacksonville for Ngakoue and the third-rounder they're going to get back from the Ravens is pretty big.

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11 Ravens D was good, but

The Ravens couldn't get pressure with 4, before.  Wink Martindale's constant blitzing the past couple years has been part predilection, and part necessity.  Adding Yannick changes the equation.

This move could transform that defense.  Key step in their quest to find a way to grapple with the Chiefs.

2 Not that I'm complaining,…

Not that I'm complaining, but this move has me scratching my head.  He's got 5 sacks in 6 games, so this was clearly not a performance issue.  Dude's only 25, so it's more likely than not he'll still be able to contribute to the next competitive Vikings team.  Why give him up for net negative draft value unless they think they're more than 4-5 years away from serious contention (a view which I would find overly pessimistic?)

3 2 factors

I think it is a combination of 2 factors.  1. We are not winning this year (which is what we thought when we acquired him).  And 2. we cannot afford to pay him next year.  (Stupid Cousins contract).  So, might as well see what we can get for him now, anything above a supplemental pick might be a win.  Horrible admission on the remainder of the season, but they weren't selling any more tickets anyway.  

5 Jeez, and now apparently…

In reply to by jds

Jeez, and now apparently Danielle Hunter is done for the year.  They had a struggling secondary already, so I doubt losing both Ngakoue and Hunter will improve matters much. 

Did they already know about Hunter when they made the trade?  Is this a low key Tank for Trevor or Abhorrence for Lawrence strategy?  If so, it's destined to fail.  Ain't nobody catching the Jets.

4 It may also be the result of…

It may also be the result of having several months to talk through contract scenarios with his agent and realizing that it's just not going to work out. So it's either a 2022 compensatory 3rd rounder (>#96) or 2021 3rd plus change through this trade (given that the competitive part of their year is over).

6 Yes and yes...

They can't pay him and they aren't going anywhere this season.  

The rich get richer.

12 Will Allen OK?

A bit off-topic, but I've noticed that this guy, who usually makes cogent and informed comments in most threads involving Minnesota, seems to be missing for awhile. This is a strange little social media world, and I don't know him other than through these comments - maybe nobody here does - but 2020 is a tough year in many ways. Will, are you ok? Anyone know?