Von Miller Out For Year with Tendon Injury

Word broke Tuesday afternoon that Denver Broncos edge rusher Von Miller had left practice with a lower leg injury, and onlookers feared the worst. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the worst has been confirmed. 

Miller, the defensive rookie of the year in 2011 and a three-time All-Pro, has started 95 of 96 games for Denver since 2014. 


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3 Bummer...

I was looking forward to seeing him match up with Mitchell Schwartz again this year. Hopefully he can come back for 2021. Helluva good football player. 

4 Reports seems to be that it…

Reports seems to be that it is a tendon dislocation, not a rupture and a return late in the season is not out of the question.

David Chao, who has performed surgery on NFL players had this to say:

"I have direct experience with several early returns for NFL players in the same season. One case involved Chargers defensive end Luis Castillo (permission granted by player to publicly discuss his injury). In 2007, he dislocated his peroneal tendons in Week 9 vs the Vikinga. I performed the surgery to relocate the tendons and repair the torn sheath to hold it behind the fibula where it belongs. Castillo was not placed on IR missing seven games before returning prior to the end of the regular season. He played in all three playoff games including the AFC Championship game and performed well enough to earn a 5-year $43.1 million extension that next offseason. I have been involved with other same-season returns at about 3 months (but as of this writing, had not been able to contact the players for permission to use their names)."

I guess a lot of the return options depend on the situation the team is in, but at least for Von Miller's sake it looks like it not as bad as a rupture, and shouldn't have a long term effect like a ruptured achilles might do on explosiveness.

6 They called it...

... a freak injury at the end of practice.

What a horrible take by a typical ESPN reporter.  Anytime 300lb. athletes are throwing their bodies at each other on grass full force, it's NEVER a freak injury.  It's a wonder, that more athletes aren't lost to tendon injuries all the time.

Yeah, he could come back before the end of the year, but he may not be back until next season.