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WAS Trading CB Q.Dunbar to SEA

The Washington Redskins have traded cornerback Quinton Dunbar to the Seattle Seahawks for a fifth-round pick in this year's draft.

Dunbar turns 28 in July and is entering the last year of his contract. He played wide receiver in college for the Florida Gators, then went undrafted in 2015. He signed with Washington, who converted him to cornerback. After three years as a backup, he started 17 of his 18 games in the last two seasons. In 2019, he ranked 26th among qualifying corners with 6.7 yards allowed per pass, and 18th with a 59% success rate. If healthy, he'll be a big upgrade over Tre Flowers, who failed to make the top 50 in either category.

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5 comments, Last at 25 Mar 2020, 9:19am

1 I can only respect a guy…

I can only respect a guy that went undrafted and was asked to convert to a different position. Then hang around long enough to earn a starting spot and do well.
I hope he gets a big pay day for his hard work, he has probably been playing for the league minimum during his career.

2 There are a couple things…

There are a couple things that depress Dunbar's trade value: he only has a year left on his contract and reportedly wants a (well-deserved) new deal; he's also had some issues staying consistently healthy. That said, as a Washington fan, I'm not too pleased about this. Seattle is getting a good player at a bargain price - and one who is easy to root for, for reasons mentioned above.

4 Well...obviously John…

Well...obviously John Schneider has long distance Jedi Mind Powers. Quandre Diggs from the Lions for a 5th round pick last year and now Quinton Dunbar for a 5th round pick*.

Schneider (on the phone to Wash GM): What do you want for Dunbar?

Wash GM: Well I'm thinking of...

Schneider waves hand and says off the phone quietly: you want a 5th round pick.

Wash GM: Oh...Uhm...We need a 5th round pick for Dunbar.

*Both of these come off as QD5. I'm going to my bookie and looking for something that works for that.

5 inb4 Schneider lures Quintin…

inb4 Schneider lures Quintin Demps and Quinton Dial out of retirement using contracts with $5MM guarantees, and then drafts Quartney Davis in the 5th round, thus obtaining all 5 of the QDs.