Washington Cuts Dwayne Haskins

Haskins has -41.5% pass DVOA this year, which is the lowest for any quarterback with at least 100 passes. He's been very, very bad. But still, you don't often see a first-round pick cut before he even gets to the end of his second year. Obviously, there have been off-field issues here, and questions about attitude and work ethic. Will someone claim him on waivers? You're claiming $4.3 million in salary over the next two seasons if you don't want to wait to see if he gets past all other 31 teams in waivers.

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1 I haven't watched the WFT,…

I haven't watched the WFT, but I feel like the on-field sample size is too small to completely give up on a 1st round QB this early, to the point of releasing them. That said, the character concerns may be enough both 1) not to bother with the small chance he turns it around, and 2) to believe that he's going to squander whatever that small chance is.

2 I cannot help but feel…

I cannot help but feel someone will take a chance on him, but I cannot for the life of me understand why - but people kept giving Nathan Peterman chances with far less of an investment price, so...

3 I doubt someone claims him

But I bet he's in someone's camp next year. As Cris Carter said, "Sometimes it takes getting cut for players to wake up." We'll know next year. 

4 Surely they could have…

Surely they could have gotten at least a 7th round pick for him, right?

This isn't a smart business decision, but rather a symbolic gesture. It's a "principled" declaration that the team has baseline standards of performance and professionalism that must be met, and that players like Haskins, who flagrantly flout them, will be dismissed. Hopefully this sort of public shaming will light a fire under his ass?

6 I can't think of any teams…

I can't think of any teams who could use him.over their own terrible QBs. If you do feel he'll get a change in scenery bump, might as well wait for him to get released and offer the minimum.

10 It's a fine business…

It's a fine business decision. That bonus and salary are sunk costs; why continue to waste a roster spot on a guy who can't play? And that's why they could not even get a 7th for him: if everyone knows Rivera prefers a rando he plucked out of online classes to start over him, why would anyone give up anything when they too could grab someone off the street and get superior performance? Plus any other team would owe whatever's left on his contract until he clears waivers.

20 He passed through waivers,…

He passed through waivers, which means not a single team wanted him for no draft picks at his present salary, so it seems Washington was right to believe no one would have given up a draft pick, even a low one, for him.

15 Was that the case? Even if…

Was that the case? Even if so, I don't recall there being howls of criticism for the draft pick at the time. Indeed most of the coverage I can remember praised Washington for sitting tight at #15 and still getting 'their guy'. 

18 Yeah anything else is revisionist history

Good thought process getting a guy many saw as QB2 at QB3, without trading up, when your incumbent almost died but will still be eating up a huge chunk of cap.

My question is why didnt others want him? They knew he'd be go to a strip club during a pandemic or...because at the time of drafting there werent any "character" concerns iirc, so that cant be it, hmmm. 

23 Others didn't want him…

Others didn't want him because he sucks. See my comment below. Barely above average arm talent coupled with horrific accuracy, sluggish pocket presence, and zero ability to scramble. The guy just flat out sucked, and I was saying right after the draft, before he played a single snap, that the guy was going to be a complete bust that I'm not sure I would have spent a seventh round pick on.

And I had never interviewed the guy, but I saw him interviewed and he seemed like a turd. Apparently I overestimated him.

I mean, there's a reason that a QB "falls," to 15th. 

25 At worst...

...he could be another Jared Goff.

Yes, he's got a bad attitude, but he's got physical talents.  He just needs to learn how to read defenses better and use those skills effectively.

I watched him against my Cards and he had a few good moments, but more bad ones.  Needs more work and to start taking the position seriously.

We'll see.



7 Ron Rivera is not fucking around

"Culture" move.  The modern equivalent of Mike Singletary ranting "CAN'T WIN WITH 'EM!  CAN'T DO IT!"

From an "asset management" standpoint, it's a wasteful move.  As RevBackJoy said at #4, you'd think you could at least net a low pick for him.  But, man: when you take on rebuilding the REDSKINS, one of the most toxic cultures in sports, I can see how drastic moves can become necessary.

Bill Parcells would've cut him.

9 Yep, that's exactly what I…

Yep, that's exactly what I meant- even though it might cost them a few million and/or a potential low round pick, Rivera is seeking to demonstrate his unwillingness to fuck around, which will hopefully outweigh the short-run loss over the long run. However, someone pointed out on a different thread (because you can't confine this story to just the Extra Points section!) that a truly principled, unfuckingaround stance would have been to cut him immediately following his strip club escapades, without even giving him one last chance to suck ass for all of our viewing displeasure. Either way, Adios MF!

26 Yes.

Rivera is from the '85 Bears and knows what greatness is, and that you don't tolerate bullshit if you want to achieve.

He played with Singletary and coached by Buddy Ryan.

Honestly, I'm surprised Haskins lasted so long.  

Cutting Haskins essentially means that Rivera has control of the team and Snyder is letting go...

13 I'm all for recognizing…

I'm all for recognizing early that your highly drafted QB is a bust, rather than clinging on forlornly (looking at you, Giants). What makes this unusual is the WFT don't appear to have a noticeably better option on their roster. According to DVOA Alex Smith has been equally dreadful over an identical sample size this season. Kyle Allen was better than both for 2 games, but he was beyond awful in Carolina last year over 12 games.

With a situation that grim, it would normally make sense to hang on to the highly drafted player on a rookie contract who might potentially improve. But obviously Haskins character is the over-riding issue here. 


14 Maybe if you were the coach…

Maybe if you were the coach/GM responsible for drafting him. His behavior is an issue, but would have been handled if he had shown any signs of being able and willing to improve. He's shown neither, and had, in fact, regressed by all indications.

Rivera had no reason to keep him. I also think this was as much about sending a message to the owner as it was the players.

30 Message to Snyder

Snyder made a pick that people in the draft room that year said made them want to puke. The last time he insisted on a QB, his coach showed him up by getting a better guy in the 4th round. This is a message to Snyder that his meddling doesn't help. I think the team outside Haskins already knew what is expected of them. 

16 I'd like to point out that I…

I'd like to point out that I said at the time that Dwayne Haskins was going to be a bust, and you can read up my comments on various threads here dating back to the time of his drafting for an explanation. Haskins college tape was beyond underwhelming. He's the first QB prospect I have ever seen where I couldn't tell you what he did well, with the possible exception of slightly above-average arm strength.

His accuracy was beyond horrible, he had zero scrambling ability, and no movement in the pocket or any other little thing that could possibly make up for it. He had great stats at Ohio State, because anyone would have great stats throwing dump offs that go for 40 yards. 

What I didn't predict was that his attitude would be so awful that he would play himself off of the FT, and possibly out of the league, after just 1.75 years. I thought his career path would be "plays out rookie contract, lost job in year 3 and never regained, career over/clipboard holder." 

19 Wow, what a historically bad draft pick

The strange thing is that, for whatever reason, the media really takes it easy on him. Where are the Haskins memes, the withering criticisms of his character, the gleeful piling on that constitutes much of sports/internet culture?

I mean, here's a guy who missed being on the field for a kneeldown because he was taking a selfie with fans!

Who once responded to a question about what was different preparing for his upcoming first start, "I've really got to work hard this week."

Who celebrated throwing for 300 yards in a blowout loss to the Ravens? (with 50+ attempts, by the way...guess YPA isn't his thing)

Not to mention the terrible on-field performance, the mask/stripper thing, the mysterious illness that kept him entirely away from the Redskins facility for more than a week when he got benched...I'll stop there.

This guy is perfect punching bag/comedy gold mine...strange how he's pretty much gotten a pass. Not that anyone is claiming he's good, but the commentary this week has been along the lines of "no sense in piling on". 

To be clear, I'm not upset or anything, I just think it's weird.

22 Yeah, Sanchez and Geno Smith…

Yeah, Sanchez and Geno Smith have been destroyed in the media, but neither of them as well as Gabbert, Bortles, etc have been the utter trainwreck Haskins has been.  Honestly, the only difference between Haskins and Leaf or JaMarcus Russell is that they got drafted higher and made more money.

28 It's a combination of two…

It's a combination of two things: one, low expectations: partly because of his lower draft position, partly because there was never a Haskins hype-machine, nobody expected that much from him. My impression was the attitude towards him was if he works out, fine. If not, no big deal. Nobody talked him up that much (fits with what that other poster above mentioned about him). Two, lack of playing time. All the other dudes you mentioned had plenty of playing time, which in turn led to plenty of "signature" moments which made them pretty memorable and fun to make fun of. At this point in any of their careers they were still relatively anonymous (the Genos and Gabberts, not the Leafs and JaMarcuses) and only began to gain notoriety as their respective teams desperately hung on to them.

24 Two things. 1) the team name…

Two things. 1) the team name change and other suckitudes overshadows everything else that happens with the team. 2) no one really cares enough to bother.

Someone has to actually care about him enough to make the memes. Washington is not the biggest of sports media markets and other teams in the area who actually win games suck up even more of the coverage and of course the New York/Jersey coverage bleeds into that area heavily too. This is not the 80s and very early 90's when Washington was relevant out of of Washington. Washington doesn't have a national following anymore. It's been around 30 years since they've been consistently relevant even in their division. The fanbase they do have is rabid, but it's not as sizeable as the noise it can make.

Besides who is going to make negative media about Washington, fans of rivals. Do Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants fans still consider Washington a valid rival? Sure Washington isn't Detroit, but let's be honest the Bears, Vikings, and Packers generally don't consider them much of a rival anymore. Sure there will still be Detroit slamming but a lot of it is over the really obvious and remarkable stuff like 0-16. Otherwise we don't think about them, they don't matter. I am well aware that Detroit has more wins against GB than the Bears do during the Favre-Rodgers years as well but the Bears actually field the occasional good team which while it rarely can beat Green Bay, can affect GB. Washington has finished fourth (last) 9 times and third 6 times in the previous 18 years of the 4 team divisions. As they are currently 1st in year 19 that gives them 4 years in the last 19 where they have been a real challenger for the division. That level of suckiness really drops your relevance. I mean even Detroit has managed to finish 2nd four times in that same time frame.

Haskins hasn't been around long enough for the suckitude to really percolate to the top outside of the Washington bubble. I've seen about as much on him as I did on JaMarcus and most of the Russel stuff was about his easy to target weight. Admittedly todays media environment is quicker to pile on, but you have to have some relevancy still. Russell had more simply by being the number 1 overall pick. Haskins who seems to share the same attitude towards work ethic was the 15th pick. Again first pick on a team that no one outside it overly loud fan base really cares about is not the same as first overall pick. So the fact that he is getting that same level of attention is enough.

I agree he has a lot that can be targeted but no one cares enough and the team has so many other things even beyond the name that overshadow him. Synder sucks up a lot of the effort that might otherwise get aimed at Haskins. 

21 Jake Luton is even worse

"Haskins has -41.5% pass DVOA this year, which is the lowest for any quarterback with at least 100 passes"
Jake Luton is even worse; he has -48.3% pass DVOA with 117 passes.