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Will Fuller Suspended Six Games for PEDs

Fuller claims he is being suspended for mistakenly taking banned prescription medication. This suspension is particularly notable because as of this weekend, Fuller moved Justin Jefferson and into first place in wide receiver DYAR. (Tyreek Hill also passed Jefferson and is now second.)

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10 Two different Caesars did…

In reply to by andrew

Two different Caesars did this! Both insisted their month have the full 31 days, too!

Which is why February is a rump month and why September's (7), October's (8), November's (9), and December's (10) names make no sense.

11 December ceased to be the…

December ceased to be the 10th Month looong before the renaming of Quintilis and Sextilis.

The suggestion that July and August were specifically altered to have 31 days also turns out to be incorrect -- July already had 31 days before Caesar was born. The Julian reform extended August and other months before Augustus became emperor.

12 His great great great …

His great great great ... great grandson should play for Raiders so he can be Will Fuller LV LV.

Would have requisite speed for Raiders WR since runs in family.

We won't get to see payoff though which will be over M years after we're dead.